Welcome to The Wave

You may have heard that “onda” means “wave”, but it also has a colloquial meaning in Tulum, Mexico, a place that deeply inspired the brand’s inception and aesthetic: “Cuál es la onda?” is loosely translated to, “what’s going on?” On The Wave, we’ll aim to keep you abreast of all that's going on in the clean beauty space.

 “La onda” can also be translated to “the vibe,” and we want ours to continue to be one of open mindedness, of being willing to learn, but of also realizing that things are forever changing and evolving. So we’ll ebb and flow like a wave, as we continually tweak and redefine what clean beauty means to us as a brand.

Thank you for visiting us and riding The Wave. We hope you enjoy the content you find here. If there’s someone you’d like to hear from or a topic you’d like to read about, always feel free to reach out to us at hello@ondabeauty.com.

Women in bathing suit showering

The "Everything Shower" Trend

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Woman applying ceramide cream to skin

Ingredient Highlight: Ceramides

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Woman having a gua sha performed on her face

The Art of Gua Sha

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14th Night The Hair Elixir against a sunsetting sky

Desert Island Pick: 14th Night The Hair Elixir

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Newly-budded flowers against a beautiful blue sky

Put a Spring in Your Skincare Step

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Woman in a pool

What is Skin Flooding?

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