ONDA's Mission

The time is now to celebrate the value of natural beauty. Whether you are a passionate creator of a natural beauty product or a curious explorer who is looking for an authentic experience, or a die-hard, ONDA is for you. 

ONDA is the natural authority for living beautifully. We help you experience natural beauty within a warm, inviting, helpful space where everything is done for you or we will guide you.

First came eating whole foods, organics and green cleaning products; now it’s clear the beauty industry is also following the mainstream move to ethically sourced, natural, non-toxic, and organic ingredients.

Over 1300 ingredients have been banned for use in beauty products in Europe, while the USA has only partially banned 11 ingredients​.

​ONDA will create and curate the most trusted content with an emphasis on beauty ​advice ​complemented by what’s new​ + ​how-to​,​ ​which ​serv​e​s our audience as expertly as the products we sell. Our goal is to create an authentic experience for you, and the way we do that is by sharing the journey of our co-founder, Larissa Thomson, who has tried every product on our site, approved every brand we promote, and is currently working on developing a natural beauty line for ONDA.

An important part of our journey is making sure we always give back and the way we've chosen to do that is by supporting KIVA members

Please join our community as we work to better our world through natural beauty products and its people. If you have any questions or would like to connect, please drop us a line at hello@ondabeauty.com. Or, of course, we'd love to see you on Instagram or Facebook, too.

Larissa and Sarah xx

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