ONDA Beauty's Mission

The time is now to embrace the value of clean beauty. Whether you are a passionate creator of a clean beauty product, a curious explorer who is looking for an authentic experience, or a long-time lover of clean beauty, ONDA Beauty is here for you.

Onda helps you experience natural beauty within a warm, inviting, helpful space, at our store in Tribeca, as well as online. Our dedicated and passionate staff will guide you to find the best products for your skin, lifestyle, and peace of mind. 

We believe in the power of the clean beauty movement and hope to convert as many people as possible to switch to clean personal care and beauty products for the benefit of themselves, the environment, and the passionate founders who create transformational products that make our world a better place. 

Every product Onda stocks has been tested by us and chosen for its efficacy, ethos, and overall goodness. We love trying new products! But we also care for our environment and want to save on resources, so please do not send samples without a written request from us. If you are interested in pursuing a partnership with ONDA Beauty, please send us an email at


Please join our community as we work to better our world through natural beauty products and its people.

If you have any questions or would like to connect, please drop us a line at hellotribeca@ondabeauty.com. Or, of course, we'd love to see you on Instagram.


Onda was co-founded by Larissa Thomson, Naomi Watts, and Sarah Bryden-Brown.