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Half of the world’s population are women, and therefore half of the population will experience menopause.

Menopause is in the headlines at the moment, and for good reason. More than one million women in the United States experience menopause and its accompanying symptoms each year, yet the lack of conversation and information around this inevitable and natural transition is startling. 

“We need to say, I'm sorry that you're uncomfortable hearing about this but we need to be having these conversations. We need to start it with our daughters, we need to start it with our friends, we need to start it with our family members,” says Danielle Jacobs, the co-founder of MenoLabs, a women's health and technology company that provides an ecosystem of support for women in perimenopause, menopause and midlife. “It is time that people stop shying away from important women’s health issues and start understanding that 51% of the population goes through menopause and it should no longer be a taboo.”

Founded upon twenty years of research, MenoLabs believes women deserve the best, most-informed, well-researched tools to manage their health, and is dedicated to bringing advanced, innovative, and naturally-sourced solutions to a woman's menopause journey. Developed by Vanessa Ford and Danielle Jacobs with John P. Konhilas Ph.D., an Associate Professor at the University of Arizona, MenoLabs offers a range of natural products, supplements, and high-quality probiotics that aid in sustaining focus, health, and productivity throughout women’s peri/menopause journey and beyond. 

Based upon Konhilas’s research around how menopause alters the gut microbiome, the MenoLabs line is built upon the health benefits of probiotics. “For the last 20 years, my lab has been trying to understand why more women have died from heart disease than men. Our lab soon discovered that the gut microbiome plays a major role in menopausal susceptibility to heart disease and health in general,” says Konilhas. "These innovative and cutting-edge formulations represent twenty years of our research along with the most current, evidence-based ingredients to support women's menopausal health."

In addition to probiotics, MenoLabs takes a holistic approach to addressing the symptoms of menopause. Their prebiotic fiber blend focuses on a healthy gut, digestive regularity, and healthy weight; the premium collagen blend helps promote skin elasticity; and other products include ingredients such as red clover and dong quai root extract to help reduce hot flashes; chasteberry extract to help reduce mood swings; and calcium to reinforce bone health. “At MenoLabs we’re dedicated to bringing advanced, innovative, and naturally-sourced solutions to a woman's menopause journey,” says Ford. “We aim to change the narrative of menopause, allowing every woman to discover her inner goddess.”

Check out some of our favorite MenoLabs products here:

Goddess Glow Beauty Collagen

Many people think that a loss of collagen only affects your skin, when in reality, it can affect your bones, joints, as well as your hair and nails. Nothing, not even menopause, should stop your body from looking and feeling its best. MenoLabs Goddess Glow Beauty Collagen contains 20 grams of grass-fed, hydrolyzed collagen, as well as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to bring life back into your skin, hair, bones, nails, joints, and gut. 


Athena's Shield DIM

Athena’s Shield is a specially crafted supplement made to aid our probiotics. It will add improved targeted estrogen metabolism, which aims to offer support and relief of menopausal symptoms. 1- 2 capsules a day will help to improve your body’s microbiome, in turn quelling many symptoms of menopause.



Clinically tested, MenoGlow will help bring back your natural glow, from the inside out. Not only does it offer symptom relief, but it also rejuvenates skin, hair, and nails. It hydrates your body while supporting your natural microbiome, and also helps to reverse the harsh effects of natural UV damage such as fine lines and wrinkles.


Well Rested

Did you know that insomnia and lack of sleep are a symptom of menopause? Many women don’t, but Well Rested from MenoLabs™ is here to help. A doctor-formulated, non-habit forming sleep supplement, Well Rested is packed with amino acids, minerals, and melatonin, allowing you to reclaim your rest on your terms.


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