So What Exactly Is The Skin Microbiome?

Good skin is about more than just an excellent skincare routine

Most of us are familiar with the term microbiome as it relates to the gut, but the skin also has a microbiome of its own, and each person has their own unique microbiome. The skin microbiome, a crucial component of our skin barrier, is an ecosystem of bacteria that lives on the skin's surface and plays a vital role in our skin’s overall health, protecting the skin from pathogens. 

A compromised, unhappy microbiome is increasingly associated with so many of the skin problems we are seeing today such as sensitivity, chronic dryness, breakouts, rosacea, and acne. It is therefore incredibly important to maintain a healthy, diverse, balanced microbiome in order to retain moisture and improve skin texture.

While the skin microbiome can be disrupted by external factors such as pollutants and UV rays, it is usually self-induced by hot showers, harsh cleansers, and treatments like peels and microdermabrasion. Fortunately, just like switching up your diet can help restore healthy bacteria in the gut, restoring a healthy skin microbiome requires just a few small adjustments. 

Here, three easy steps to a better skin microbiome:


Healthy skin starts with a great cleanser. This fundamental skincare product should effectively remove dirt and debris while leaving the skin clean and balanced.

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Use a moisturizer containing squalane, which has been found to support the skin’s microbiome and improves microbiome diversity.

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Add probiotics to your routine to boost the beneficial flora on the surface of the skin.


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