Desert Island Pick: Kate McLeod's Mama Stone

Desert Island Pick: Kate McLeod's Mama Stone

In honor of Mother's Day, we had to give a shout-out to this product we've loved from day one. It wasn't until our brand manager Cristina (and author of this blog post) became pregnant that she really understood what makes Kate McLeod's Mama Stone such a pregnancy and postnatal necessity.

Before we get into the Mama Stone specifically though, let us talk about Kate McLeod more generally: the brand makes ingenious body lotions that come in the form of a "stone" that you apply directly to the skin. The stones soften on contact with warm, dry skin; gliding on like silk, they melt and absorb, leaving skin soft, supple, and glowing. No sticky rubbing or tugging.There's no plastic bottle and no ungainly pump, and therefore, less waste. The canister in which the stone comes is made of bamboo and is quite lovely (and, we've found, highly repurpose-able. Cristina currently uses hers to store cotton balls, but it could also be used for things like bath salts. So needless to say, we're fans of the packaging).

Now back to the Mama Stone specifically. It's a multipurpose lotion bar that, as the brand says, "journeys with you through every stage of motherhood." We love that it's unscented (for our sake and the sake of our little ones' sensitive noses) and safe enough for the most sensitive skin. Meet your new diaper bag staple.

This total body salve has pre- and postnatal benefits. Read on for its many uses.

Ways to Use the Mama Stone

  • Sooth a blossoming belly: It's not until you become pregnant that you experience how freakishly large (and beautiful) your belly becomes as the months wear on. With that expanding, though, often comes dry, itchy skin. The Mama Stone is the perfect antidote
  • Prevent stretch marks: Not much to add here! If you've experienced stretch marks, you know why you might want to prevent them
  • Help heal cesarean scarring: Again, as someone who had a c-section, the author can speak to this firsthand. While healing her scarring can't be 100% attributed to this product (her amazing obstetrician gets the lion's share of the credit there for her stellar sewing skills), the Mama Stone stone definitely improved what little scarring she had
  • Calm breastfeeding nipples: If you've breastfed, you know. Your nipples can become dry, cracked, ultra sensitive....long story short, they can HURT. And they beg for relief. We love the Mama Stone for its ability to soothe sore, overworked nipples
  • Perform infant massage: Our favorite use, by far. After the pain and emotional rollercoaster of those initials days and weeks with a newborn, there is nothing more gratifying than getting to a place where you can appreciate the small pleasure of massaging your new little person. It's such a beautiful bonding opportunity

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