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Like Mother, Like Daughter

The mother-daughter relationship is a special one. Our mothers not only nurture us and shape us into the people we become, but along the way they give us invaluable advice and support when it comes both to life and business (as being a parent is really the perfect primer for running one). So perhaps it’s no surprise that this unique dynamic often extends beyond the personal into the professional.  


To celebrate Mother’s Day, we talked to three mother-daughter duos who have combined their talents and shared passions to create and grow some of our favorite clean beauty and wellness brands. Here, they share their stories.


Amandine and Heather Azran of Amandine Sol Botanicals

Amandine and Heather Azran founded the all-natural skincare line Amandine Sol Botanicals together in 2019. Designed to offer a simplified solution to overcomplicated and underperforming skincare routines through botanical ingredients (many of which are sourced from the Azran’s family farm in Ontario), the line is a deeply personal reflection of the pair’s own skincare journeys.

When and why did you decide to go into business together?


Amandine: My mom and I were visiting the law school I was supposed to be attending and she said (to my extremely tearful self), "You don't have to do this; if you could do anything in the world what would you do" and I replied, "I would start a skincare line with you" to which she said, "Let's do it!" There was no looking back after that. I now see that it was always meant to happen. 


Heather: I had been working on a multi-correctional face oil to make for clients as my daughter was about to leave home for law school. I was sick of having so many single ingredient skincare products that led to more confusion and waste, so I was on a mission to create the perfect formula that simplified the skincare routine. By having Amandine on board I knew we could bring it to life on a larger scale.


What has been the best part of working together?


Amandine: My mom is the ideal partner because she truly is my best friend: we work through the tough parts together, she motivates me when I feel down or shy, and I also feel 10 times more excited and proud when something great happens because we get to share in that together. We still celebrate every single order and new milestone as if it were the first. 


Heather: A few months before our launch date we found out I had stage 4 cancer, and my biggest fear was for Amandine, who had always been so incredibly timid, and how she going to represent the company by herself. She not only took care of me as I was sick, she also came out of her shell as a forward facing founder of this company. It really is a miracle to watch her blossom.


What are the unique perspectives you each bring to the business?


Amandine: We represent two ends of the skincare spectrum: my mom is looking for active products that treat and repair fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. I'm on the other side, where I'm looking for products that can prevent these issues while also still combating some breakouts and skin reactivity. We benefit from the fact that we're dealing with two different generations of skin, and can create products that truly work for a large range of skin concerns. 


Heather: I have been a skincare junkie since I was a teenager, my first paycheck went to a jar of La Prairie Caviar Cream, so I have been through all of the stages and tried all of the products. Now that I am post-menopausal it's a whole new world I am learning to navigate and what works, and what doesn't. Together we strive to create products that span multiple generations and make it easy for everyone. We want people to have beautiful skin without having to spend an hour applying all the skincare. 

Jenefer and Melissa Palmer of Osea

Founded in 1996 by Jenefer Palmer, Osea is a true clean beauty pioneer. The line of clean, seaweed-infused skincare set a new industry standard by prioritizing naturally-derived ingredients, chosen for their safety, efficacy, and backed by the latest scientific research. In I999, Jenefer’s daughter Melissa officially joined the brand as CEO. “I’m the oldest, so I always like to say I was always the boss of the family anyway, so I just assumed my rightful role,” she jokes. “Boss of everyone.”

When and why did you decide to go into business together?


Jenefer: I started Osea when Melissa was a teenager. She worked through college and for a while after, helping to build the brand. At the start it was a real family affair–we operated out of our home in Malibu, taking calls and packing orders as needed. She returned in 2015 and grew the brand to where it is today.


Melissa: It has always been a family affair. We all grew up seeding patchouli with bathtubs full of seaweed around. 


What has been the best part of working together?


Jenefer: Melissa and I always say that together we make the perfect person. I’m more the creative product ideator and she’s the marketing genius. It’s wonderful to work with someone you love. I’m in awe seeing how Melissa has evolved over the years. 


Melissa: What she said!


What are the unique perspectives you each bring to the business?


Jenefer: As the founder of Osea skincare, I'm grateful to have my daughter as an integral part of our business. She brings a unique perspective on marketing and branding that has proven invaluable to our growth. Her understanding of both Gen Z and Millennials has helped us reach a wider audience and increase our brand awareness. I bring 40 years of skincare industry experience and passion for product development. Melissa has relaunched our digital presence entirely and brought remarkable e-commerce strategies that have been valuable at Osea. This is why Melissa and I make a great team: I’m the formulator and she is the marketing mastermind.


Melissa: I’m most proud that working together we have been able to build a culture of empathy, kindness, and collaboration, which is at the heart of everything we do at Osea skincare.


Lisa and Lexi Odenweller of Kroma Wellness 

Healthy eating was always a priority in the Odenweller family, but when Lisa began to experience a mid-life health slump and her daughter was diagnosed with ADHD, a new interest in functional superfoods was ignited, and the idea for Kroma Wellness was born. “That led me to really dive into food as medicine,” says Lisa. ”And through that journey, I went to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I read every book that I could and I started just playing at home with food ”

When and why did you decide to go into business together?

Lisa: Lexi has been working with me for 10 years, beginning with Beaming, the last wellness brand we created together, which was one of the first superfood healthy grab-and-go cafe concepts in the country. She began working in our first Beaming Cafe in Del Mar, CA when she was 13 and became a manager of one of our L.A. stores by the time she was 16. When we exited Beaming in 2017, we took some time off until I had the vision for my next wellness venture. Kroma Wellness was born out of my desire to take all the good that our Beaming Cafes were doing and reach more people through non-perishable functional foods and beverages. Lexi and I spent over three years formulating all the products, building the brand and raising capital before launching Kroma Wellness in July of 2011.  

Lexi: Mom and I have been working together since I was 13. We have so much fun working together, it's really the best part of it all. My mom is a visionary and her ability to make healthy food taste amazing is a talent, especially in perishables. We spent two years creating all the recipes together in the kitchen until we launched all 18 products and the 5-Day Reset, all created within our own home.

What has been the best part of working together?

Lisa: I can honestly say the greatest thing about building Kroma has been doing it alongside Lexi. I have seen her grow so much over the years and I think we both really learn a lot from each other. Not to mention that we have so much fun and get to experience some amazing things together and laugh nonstop. 

Lexi: My mom has taught me everything I know. I started working at a young age and even homeschooled myself in high school in order to work at Beaming. I've been a sponge for so many years, just listening to the way my mom does investor pitches, business meetings, and team leadership. So much of what I've learned has been through experience and learning from my mom.

What are the unique perspectives you each bring to the business?

Lisa: Lexi is wise beyond her years and brings such a grounded, youthful, and creative perspective to many of our initiatives–not to mention how great her ideas are and how good she is at building relationships. I think more than anything, Lexi and I bring out the best in each other and I would not be the leader I am today without having the opportunity to have such an open relationship with her. That allows us to be extremely honest, even when it's not what you want to hear.  

Lexi: My mom is not only my mom, but also my best friend, boss, and up until a few weeks ago, we also lived together. I think we both offer a different dynamic and perspective. My generation is hugely into wellness right now. It's such an interesting movement because it seems that this group understands Kroma, and we're able to speak to all ages and we have so much fun playing with that dynamic.

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