Portrait of Roz Founder, Mara Roszak

Introducing Rōz

The secret to red-carpet worthy hair is out. And who knew it was so simple? That’s the story behind Rōz, the clean hair care line created by celebrity hair stylist Mara Roszak. A veteran of the awards season scene, Roszak is known for creating dreamy looks for a roster of red carpet regulars including Lily Collins, Zoe Saldana, Emma Stone, Olivia Wilde, and Cara Delevigne. But the foundation of every style she creates is always hair health, and her secret to achieving healthy hair? “Hair oil has always been my go-to, a staple in my kit and the only styling product I use on my own hair,” she says. “It is the key to any smooth, long lasting, frizz-free blow out and my (not so) secret weapon to healthy looking shiny hair.”


Hair oil is my (not so) secret weapon to healthy looking shiny hair


Launched in 2021, RŌZ (pronounced “rose”) is the embodiment of Roszak’s approach to hair health and the line’s hero product, the Santa Lucia Styling Oil, was developed using the aforementioned A-listers as guinea pigs. “Olivia Wilde loves it and uses it daily for her perfect, daily air-dry and Brooklyn Decker calls it her new low maintenance essential and says that it totally changed the texture of her hair," says Roszak. A lush botanical elixir that nourishes strands while also serving as a multi-use styling product, the oil was meticulously crafted to restore the hair's natural beauty and health and is now itself an award-winner. “Our hair loves moisture but most oils tend to be heavy on hair. Fine hair especially,” Roszak says. “The Santa Lucia Styling Oil was formulated specifically to be lighter weight, making it more versatile for different hair types and textures.” 


Our hair loves moisture, but most oils tend to be heavy on hair


Designed to be a daily styling essential and the base layer for any styling routine, the styling oil is the one-and-done product for gorgeous frizz-free air-dried waves. Vegan, organic, sustainably-sourced, cruelty-free, and formulated using only the most effective botanical active oils and extracts blended to synergistically enhance one another, the oil’s subtle scent of bergamot and citron meanwhile proved such a hit, it led to creation of her second product: the Willow Glen Treatment Oil for the hair, scalp, and body. “This scalp to toe oil offers extra nourishment and repair,” she says. “I believe hair oil is the universal product we all need and it is, and always has been, the foundation for every hairstyle I create.”


Here, Roszak shares her tips on how to best use her transformative hair oils. 


The Santa Lucia Styling Oil 

“To use, apply 2-3 pumps (1-2 pumps for finer, straight hair) to towel dried hair using the palms of hands, scrunch and twist though mid lengths and ends,” says Roszak. “When blow drying, apply Santa Lucia before any blow out or flat iron to smooth through and protect against heat from ends through mid lengths and use a boar bristle round brush for a smooth style. Apply one extra pump to dry hair to finish and seal.” 

The Willow Glen Treatment Oil

“This oil is best absorbed when applied to dry hair–saturating the hair from scalp –and can be left on for 10 minutes then washed out, or overnight for extra repair. In the summer, apply it before laying out in the sun or swimming in pools or the ocean. It works as a protective layer and will help to preserve color. Apply it directly onto the scalp or anywhere else on the body where you need an extra dose of moisture.”


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