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The Father's Day Edit

Twenty years ago, it was unlikely that we'd think to give our dads anything that resembled skincare (aside from perhaps a shaving product or accessory). Gifts for dad included a lot of socks, ties, the occasional wallet or money clip, and as we got older, maybe a bottle of nice whiskey or a beer subscription. But times, they are a-changin', and many men today are increasingly concerned with taking care of their skin. It's music to our ears!

We Onda staffers have commiserated over our partners "borrowing" our beauty products so that before we know it, our favorite toner is depleted. Or found that our go-to cleanser isn't in its usual spot on our sink but rather has migrated to the shower (hmm, who could have moved it there?) So while we may complain that our better halves are using our precious products, we're actually (secretly) really pleased that they're caring for their skin on the outside, but also caring for their bodies on the inside by using clean, safer alternatives to conventional personal care products.

Just ask Charlie Razook, our June Onda Insider and founder of made-for-men line Jackfir. Charlie says, "Men are very much so becoming more concerned about their skincare product quality and ingredients....Unfortunately, men are less in tune with their health and wellness [than women]. Thankfully, this is changing as outdated views regarding masculinity go out the window." (Be sure to check back in at ondabeauty.com again tomorrow for Charlie's full Onda Inside feature and for more of his thoughts on clean beauty for men, his founder journey, and more!)

While Jackfir is the one brand we carry that's geared specifically towards men, so many of our products have unisex appeal. Below are just some of our suggestions for Father's Day gifts, but don't stop here and feel free to browse our entire catalog. Wishing an early Happy Father's Day to all the superdads out there.

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