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Introducing Supergoop!

When it comes to good skincare, sunscreen is non-negotiable, which is why we at Onda Beauty are always on the lookout for high-performance, clean suncare. Enter, Supergoop!, a clean, oxybenzone-free line of SPF skincare products formulated for all skin types, tones, and routines.

Founded in 2005 by Holly Thaggard, the seed for Supergoop! was planted after a friend of Thaggard's was diagnosed with melanoma. "I learned that it's the most common type of cancer in the U.S.—and that it's primarily preventable with the use of daily SPF," she says. "I also discovered that the number one reason people don't wear it every day is because it doesn't feel good on their skin." Determined to help fight skin cancer and raise a generation that understood the importance of protecting their skin, she set out to change sunscreen's reputation with a playful name, eye-catching packaging, and products that performed while also feeling great to wear.

Supergoop! puts sunscreen at the forefront of skincare all year round

With a focus on prioritizing clean ingredients and safe formulations without compromising on performance, Thaggard set about developing new ways to infuse SPF into our favorite skincare products, thereby putting sunscreen at the forefront of skincare all year round. "Sunscreen was often thought to be a seasonal product for summer and beach days," she says. "I really want to change the way the world thinks about sunscreen and raise people's awareness of SPF protection."

Cruelty-free, clean, and oxybenzone-free, Supergoop! combines innovation with efficacy

To that end, Supergoop! 's sun protection goes above and beyond shielding the skin from harmful UV rays, incorporating a range of nourishing and antioxidant ingredients like Baobab to moisturize and improve elasticity, Sea Buckthorn to brighten, Rosehip Oil to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and Green Algae Extract, which acts as a potent shield against infrared radiation, further enhancing the skin's defense. The brand's best-selling PLAY Everyday Sunscreen, meanwhile, was the first-ever oxybenzone (meaning reef-safe) and paraben-free chemical formula in the U.S., and it incorporates anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich Sunflower, Rice, and Rosemary Extracts. Never sticky and with a gel-like consistency that absorbs in seconds without leaving a white cast, it's been a beauty editor favorite since its launch.

While SPF should already be part of your daily skincare routine, if you are running low and with summer ahead, we recommend re-upping with our new curation of Supergoop! suncare essentials.

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