Taryn Toomey

Taryn Toomey

Say hello to Taryn Toomey, fitness guru and founder of @TheClass, a workout session that's more like a complete mind and body catharsis.  Her cult following includes Jennifer Aniston, Christy Turlington and our own Naomi Watts.  Here she shares how she starts each day, her favorite recovery blend for dull skin and the benefits of owning your own harmonium.

The Class is such a 360 experience-mind, body, and emotions are all involved. What for you is the connection between the way we feel and the way we look?
We put way too much energy into thinking if we “look good” (externally) we will feel good (internally). I take an inverse approach - find what makes you feel connected to yourself, your heart, your soul, tend to it well. Then the 'looking good' will become a byproduct because you have a connection to your heart. I think THAT is what radiates into looking good - you feel it, see it, and others do as well. The light. 

Is there something you’ve discovered recently that’s sparking joy?
Every morning (and afternoon) on The Retreatment, Kevin Courtney (@kevinjcourtney) has been playing his harmonium, with long rounds of rolling Ohm’s, since they began many moons ago. I have wanted a harmonium since those early days, and I finally got one for my personal practices to open and close the day. Woah, the resonance. It has become a daily ritual for me and a form or meditation and prayer.

What is the most important part of your morning routine? How do you prepare for the day?
I read a passage from Prayers of Honoring Voice every morning. I close my eyes, place my hand on top of the book, and ask what message I need for the day. I open it up to whichever page I'm guided to read and use that prayer for the day.

Image: @thomasdroge
How did you stay sane during quarantine? Were you able to use the time in a positive way?
I took Thomas Droge’s (@thomasdroge) Qi Gong class through Zoom every week during quarantine. I have known Thomas for 15 years and wholeheartedly trust him. I have received so much wisdom while working with him. His work helps to move energy through the physical and subtle bodies. It’s a very powerful practice.

How do you balance being a mom and running your own business?  
Raising children and growing a business are similar-Sometimes I feel like I’m raising a third child with my work.  What's key is being aware of your own "stuff" and noticing if you're bringing that into your work or family life.  Sometimes I'll say at work, "I know this is my own stuff, so I'm bringing this here and am open for feedback."   I think it's a bit of the same thing with children.  Noticing if it's conditioned behavior - things you've learned from your mother or father - and asking yourself which of those you'd like to carry forward in your teachings and which of those you'd like to leave behind.

Image: The Class

You manage to look so chic and yet like you're ready to break into a workout at any moment. What's the key to pulling this off?
I always have a couple of uniforms. It’s usually some sort of bodysuit with workout pants and leg warmers that I can wear while I teach and then throw on a cape or hat afterward and wear for the rest of the day. Otherwise, it's a bodysuit/bathing suit with a long skirt.  I always wear one of my Airelume necklaces, even when I'm working out.  Each stone carries a different energy and intention. I like to use them as touchstones throughout the day.


Vintner's Daughter
Active Botanical Serum
This serum is amazing for strengthening and balancing the skin. I rub about 5-6 drops in the palm of my hand and gently press it into my face and neck. It's full of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that nourish, repair and protect.

De Mamiel
Skin Recovery Blend
I use this recovery blend when my skin needs any extra boost. It's very hydrating and goes on the skin so smoothly. I also love that it has anti-inflammatory oils that help rejuvenate my skin when it’s feeling dull or swollen. 

I love a two in one product. I loosely tap/pat/rub this onto my lips and cheeks for a hint of color and natural finish. It’s moisturizing and made with mineral-rich, all natural ingredients which is important to me when choosing my skincare products.


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