Rashia Bell

Rashia Bell

Beautiful, smart, and wildly accomplished, it's hard NOT to have a girl crush on Rashia Bell.  While studying interior design, she simultaneously got her certification in Crystal Healing, Reiki and yoga instruction in Spanish and English. Through her company THE CRISTALLINE, she brings the power of crystals and stones into her interior design work, helping clients find balance within themselves and their spaces.  This May she launched RE.VITYL, harnessing that same energy to aid in sleep, rest and well being (and we're needless to say obsessed). Read on to learn how Rashia discovered her calling, her tricks for staying sane in quarantine and how she keeps that skin glowing.

At The Cristalline your work is about creating balance. How have you been challenged by what's happening in the world right now and how have you managed that?
There has definitely been a newfound interest in Black Owned businesses due to the BLM movement, which we have benefited from, but which comes with the mixed feelings of success brought on by devastation. More than ever we feel a responsibility to help dismantle the exclusivity of “wellness,” because you can’t claim to be a participant in that if you aren’t supporting your communities. So one way I’ve managed to find peace is through my renewed commitment to shifting the narrative in the space to wellbeing, and looking for new ways to make our work accessible.

Tell us about how you discovered the power of crystals? When was the moment when you made that connection?
Crystals were something that just kept showing up in my life. I definitely realized the power of stones as a child but I couldn’t pinpoint the magnetic connection that I felt. That connection deepened during my first job in jewelry product development where I spent a lot of time working with the raw materials. But it wasn’t until I started to work on my inner self and to figure out how all my career paths fit together that I truly understood crystals and their power to affect the energy in spaces. Ultimately that power helped me to put all the pieces of my life together and I've learned how to use my knowledge of that power in a unique way to support others.

What's keeping you spiritually centered at the moment?
For the first 3 months of quarantine I felt like I was acing the fitness/spiritual/chef in training game, because it was the first time in a while that I wasn't traveling and could actually focus on myself. But once that started to wane, it required more effort. What has helped to keep me centered is trying to be gentle with myself and to allow each day to be a reset and a restart. I try to appreciate the small wins and end each day with some reading or journaling. A good friend and I have also been texting each other our Gratitude lists throughout quarantine.

Images: Joe Kramm

When did you become interested in clean beauty? How did you get there?
My interest in clean beauty is a result of my own personal journey, through travel and wanting to explore natural products native to a region, cultivating my own inner wellbeing which in turn reflects on the outside, and now with my new company RE.VITYL which harnesses the energy of natural plants and stones for sleep and wellbeing.

Image: Danielle Nowak Photography

What brand or designer are you loving at the moment?
I always feel good when I am wearing Ulla Johnson-her clothes just have such an awesome spirit! We have had the opportunity to do some fun things with their store since she is a crystal fan! Some of my other fashion favorites are Khaite, Simonett, Kamperett and Le Kasha 1918, which is all about luxe natural and organic fabrics.

What's the one skincare item you can't live without?
I would probably say face oil, I am lovingSaint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum. because I have always been a fan of a nighttime beauty routine, since you can languish a bit more. And I get to use it with all of our amazing crystal face rollers and tools!


One of my absolute favorite products that I originally discovered at ONDA is the Body Stone by Kate McLeod. They melt into your skin and make it feel amazing without greasy.

I love all things Kosas, from the concealer to their deodorant, and their LipFuel for me is an awesome lip balm that is even face-mask-proof.

Vertly Bath Salts, CBD is a part of my bedtime routine since I have difficulty sleeping, and I am thrilled that the weather is cooler so I can resume my baths again. 


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