Carla Oates

Carla Oates

Carla Oates created The Beauty Chef in 2009 after healing her family's skin issues and discovering that beautiful, glowing skin begins with a healthy gut. The Aussie native experimented with lacto-fermenting skin-loving superfoods in her Bondi kitchen and made GLOW—The Beauty Chef’s first inner beauty powder. Keep reading to hear how the entrepreneur, mom, and beauty guru stays balanced, unplugs, and ages gracefully.


Describe your morning skincare routine.
Cleanse: I always cleanse in the mornings and believe it’s an important step that a lot of people skip. I make my own oil-based cleanser using a mix of essential oils and organic coconut oil then remove using a muslin cloth.
Nourish + Protect: I layer Marie Veronique Protective Day Oil under sunscreen for additional anti-aging protection. I love that the formula includes a great range of essential fatty acids which are crucial to building and maintaining healthy skin and helps prevent inflammation.
SPF: It can be hard to find an organic facial sunscreen that doesn’t give off an unflattering white cast but this COOLA one really works for me. Applied under makeup, it feels feather-light and helps to nourish my skin with natural antioxidant-rich ingredients such as Red Raspberry Seed Oil & Prickly Pear Extract.
Inner Beauty Moisturiser: Before consuming anything else, I always start my day with GLOW mixed into a glass of filtered water. I created The Beauty Chef around the philosophy that ‘beauty begins in the belly’® and I passionately believe our gut health can impact everything from our skin to our physical health to our happiness. The newest iteration of GLOW is amazing for your complexion, it’s so much more than just a skin supplement.


Why is clean beauty important to you?

Before I founded The Beauty Chef, I was working as a journalist and landed a job as a beauty editor for a mainstream newspaper, where I was inundated with lots of beauty products from mass-market brands. 
My excitement soon dissipated after researching the ingredients and becoming increasingly concerned about the many toxic chemicals in skincare products. Women from all over Australia were writing into my column and asking what products they should use for their eczema, psoriasis and acne, and other chronic skin issues as well as their aging skin. I knew that looking after your skin properly was an inside-out job from my own experience with eczema, and knew that none of these chemical-laden products would actually help, heal, or truly rejuvenate their skin.


What’s the one beauty product you can’t live without?

The Beauty Chef’s GLOW Inner Beauty Powder. Since its launch 12 years ago, I've taken it every day. 


What are your rituals to unplug?

A brisk walk or run around the block or along Bondi Beach promenade close to where I live always helps set me up for the day and conversely helps me wind down at the end of the day. I find walking meditative, it’s great exercise, works for clearing the mind and breathing in the negative ions emitted from the salt water always helps with creating a feeling of overall positivity, calm and wellbeing. 


Share your biggest wellness hack.
The three wellness hacks I incorporate into my everyday life include:
  1. GLOW Inner Beauty Powder - It nurtures my gut and gets my glow on every day.
  2. Walking is my meditation - It is great for your body and skin, but also wonderful for your mind - it fosters balance and creativity. 
  3. Fresh food masks - They are rich in living nutrients and enzymes. Fresh papaya mask mixed with some yoghurt slathered on my face makes a wonderful instant glowing mask. 


How do you feel about aging gracefully?

For me, aging gracefully is more about being healthy and happy and keeping my mind active and inspired, than keeping wrinkles at bay. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, surrounding yourself with people you love, and engaging in the things that bring you joy and creativity; these are the values I stick by. 

Marie Veronique Protective Day Oil

All of Marie's products are divine! I layer this oil under sunscreen for additional anti-aging protection. I love that the formula includes essential fatty acids (EFAs) which are crucial to building and maintaining healthy skin & helps prevent inflammation.
Tammy Fender Rose, Geranium, and Tangerine Body Lotion

When my body is in need of some full TLC, this truly is my number one go-to! I usually apply after a long bath, when I’ve had a busy day at work - it’s a true wind-down treat.

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