Kristen May Lee
KRISTEN MAY LEE is a holistic esthetician with a repertoire of niche abilities aimed to sculpt and lift the face through a series of manual manipulations. Her holistic treatments will relieve stored tension in the muscles while simultaneously addressing the fascia tissue. Her practices work deep within resulting in beautiful radiant skin. Every treatment is addressed as a work of art complimented by an element of science. She has spent her career gaining an education in rare techniques taught by beauty gurus around the world. Her touch is a unique bliss many notables entrust their faces to for public appearances on TV and runways. Kristen provides a unique skillset that consists of advanced Gua Sha artistry and cupping techniques, intra-oral buccal massage, and The Connective Tissue Method. She aims to make every experience both healing and beautifying allowing every client to re-emerge as the best version of themselves.
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