Welcome to Clean Academy

At Clean Academy we are using the power of science to redefine ‘Clean Beauty’ for the good of people and the planet. This is your homeroom for all things Clean Beauty from glossary, ingredients and labels to tips for a cleaner, greener beauty routine. From our Skincare Ingredients Library and our ultimate A to Z Glossary of Beauty Terminology, to the latest information on innovations, trends, legislation and more – when it comes to the safest, most effective, scientifically proven ingredients and products and sustainable practices that do better for people and the planet every day, we're here to help you make cleaner choices.

Because the products you use make a difference for your health, the health of the planet and our future.

So.....What is Clean Beauty Anyway?

‘Clean Beauty’ has become a buzzword in the beauty and wellness space over the last two decades – but what does it mean?

Clean is not synonymous with sustainable. Clean is not synonymous with safe. Clean is not synonymous with ethical. Clean is not synonymous with efficacy.

The term is unregulated, ambiguous and unscientific.

For years, the beauty industry has fallen short on safeguarding our health and safety and that of the planet, exposing us to toxic chemicals, depleting natural resources and polluting the environment.

The definition of Clean Beauty needs cleaning up. It's time to raise the bar. That’s why we are launching Clean Academy: your homeroom for all things Clean Beauty.

Confused by Clean? We’re Doing the Homework.

At Clean Academy, we believe Clean Beauty goes far beyond banning ingredients that are harmful. We believe Clean Beauty should make a positive impact on both your health and the health of the planet.

Pure, safe ingredients derived from renewable sources

Ethical and transparent sourcing and supply chains

Innovative and sustainable manufacturing practices

High performance products, consciously formulated to include only what is impactful

Environmentally friendly packaging and carbon-neutral shipping

In The Future All Beauty Will Be Clean Beauty.

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