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Our Best Hair Care Tips For YOUR Hair Goals

It’s no surprise that just as different skin types need different skincare items, so too do different hair types need different hair products. What works for someone with fine, pin-straight hair probably won’t do the trick for her friend with thick, lush, curly, or more textured hair.


So again as with skincare, we aim to offer something for everyone here at Onda. Whether you’re the aforementioned woman with fine, straight hair, or the one with voluminous curls, we hope you’ll find a product or two that help you achieve your hair goals.


Speaking of hair goals: when we interviewed our November Onda Insider, the fabulous Jonathan Van Ness, he told us that he’s not a fan of hair typing, and instead prefers to work toward a hair goal: “So much of hair type branding is just that: it's branding and marketing because really, all hair just needs either more moisture, more body and volume or more strength. That's usually what goals are, or a combination of those things,” said Van Ness. So he and his team formulated the entire line of JVN Hair products around this concept, which we love.

So if you’re wondering, “How to take care of my hair type”, maybe ask yourself instead, “What is my hair goal?” 


HAIR GOAL: MORE MOISTURE. Your hair may lack moisture if it’s undergone a lot of chemical treatments (think relaxers, highlighters) or if you’ve used hot tools frequently. Signs that indicate moisture loss in hair include dryness, tangles, split ends, dullness, and lack of shine. Our picks for you, here.


Saya Argan Shampoo. Start adding moisture back in on your first hair care step. This shampoo promises to tame frizz, treat split ends, and leave hair feeling soft, shiny, and hydrated, thanks to ingredients like Argan Oil and Kangaroo Apple and Quandong Extracts. Banksia Extract adds an extra little something: UV protection. 


Natur Deep Moisture Conditioner. We love this conditioner bar not only for the zero-waste component, but also for the fact that it leaves us with luscious silky locks, again thanks in part to Argan Oil, and also Shea Butter.


Innersense Hydrating Hair Mask. The name says it all, really. Use this mask just 5-10 minutes at a time a few times a week, and you’ll find that it repairs and revitalizes dry, coarse, damaged hair. 


JVN Nurture Deep Moisture Mask. A multitasking treat for your hair. This intensely conditioning treatment is packed with moisturizing Hemisqualane and Camellia Seed Oil, as well as strengthening Rice Protein to nourish hair deeply and promote health, smoothness, body, and shine. The playful lemon, black currant, white orchid, sandalwood and vanilla scent makes for a luxurious self-care moment.  




HAIR GOAL: MORE BODY. Lack of volume is often a complaint of those with fine hair. There are plenty of styling tips and tricks that can give the illusion of thicker, fuller hair; we also turn to the below products for the best results. 


Rahua Voluminous Shampoo and Conditioner. This pair works in harmony to impart body and volume for full, alluring hair. The shampoo is formulated to thoroughly clarify and extend time between hair washes; the conditioner leaves hair lustrous and silky, full of body and bounce. The scent of lavender and eucalyptus add a calming, soothing element to the hair-washing and conditioning experience.


Innersense I Create Volume. This formula, which contains Certified Organic Honey and Aloe Vera, Rice Amino Acids, and Eucalyptus, enhances volume from the roots all the way down to the ends. It adds shine and lift, without a hint of residue. 


Stripes The Crown Pleaser. A one-two punch product, as it both hydrates and densifies. This locks-saver contains Amino Acids to improve shine, a trio of plant extracts to revitalize thinning hair, and newly buzzy Ectoine, which uses smart-targeted hydration to distribute moisture to where it’s needed most. 

HAIR GOAL: MORE STRENGTH. Signs of weak hair include many of the same signs that you might notice when you’re dealing with lack of moisture or volume, but we personally have found that our hair is at its weakest when we’re dealing with a lot of breakage. So look out for that, as well as split ends, tangling, dullness, etc; and when you notice them, reach for any (or all!) of the following: 


Rahua Founders Blend Scalp & Hair Treatment. Stronger hair begins at the scalp, and this innovative and powerful product brings balance to the scalp’s microbiome, thereby strengthening hair roots and, eventually, leading to sturdier, healthier strands.


Augustinus Bader The Shampoo + Conditioner. These breakthrough products deeply hydrate, while reinvigorating and strengthening hair to combat shedding and signs of damage and to reduce breakage. In a 12-week clinical trial of 35 women and men with all hair types, The Shampoo increased hair strength by 192% and reduced broken and damaged hair from brushing by 89%, while The Conditioner increased hair strength by 118% and hair count by 20%. We like those stats! 


JVN Complete Pre-Wash Scalp Oil. Pretty much everyone on our staff raves about this  golden pre-shampoo treatment oil that’s packed with nutrient-dense ingredients: Hemisqualane helps promote stronger, shinier, longer, and healthier-looking hair, while stimulating Rosemary Extract promotes hair growth.

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