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Spring Break Travel Essentials: Beauty On-the-Go

Holidays are, more often than not, destined to be a good time. Aside from ubiquitous  flight delays and long security lines, taking a break from the regular routine of life is always a surefire way to relax, refresh, and leave you feeling ready to return to reality with a new spring in your step. 

That said, prepping and packing for a trip can be stressful enough without the added worry over which skincare products to pack. The golden rule for when curating your skincare travel essentials is not to deviate too much from your tried and true protocol. Keep it simple, with your favorite cleanser, treatment, moisturize, SPF–but don’t forget to bring a few luxuries like an ultra-hydrating or calming face mask, a de-puffing eye cream or restorative, jet-lag fighting bath soak. 

Another factor to consider is that traveling and time changes can also throw a wrench in your regular skincare routine. Between the dry and oxygen-poor conditions on the plane, sudden changes in climate and temperature, and disrupted sleep patterns, travel can sometimes wreak havoc on your skin if you don’t go prepared. Here, our handy guide to nailing beauty on the go in any scenario.

Travel Skincare Essentials 

Certain destinations call for specific skincare protocols but the first step is always to pack the basics: cleanser, daytime moisturizer with SPF and a nighttime treatment moisturizer. 

If you’re traveling somewhere colder and/or drier, make sure to include rich, oil-based products to keep skin hydrated and protected. If you’re traveling somewhere warmer and/or more humid, you might want to switch to lighter, water-based products and oil-free moisturizers. 

To save space and avoid those dreaded excess baggage fees, make good use of multi-tasking products that will streamline your routine. By ditching the 10-step skincare routine you’ll also have more time for adventure and R&R.

When it comes to your carry-on, make sure to have some TSA friendly travel size products to bring on board with you–including a toothbrush and toothpaste in case your check in takes an unexpected detour–and always apply a moisturizer with antioxidants as high altitudes increase oxidative stress. 

Makeup Travel Essentials 

When it comes to your makeup packing list, be realistic about whether you’ll be wearing a full face of makeup, no makeup makeup, or just no makeup. 

If you want to streamline your makeup routine while away, a good concealer can double up as a light foundation, or opt for a tinted face serum. Swap out your lipstick for a tinted gloss that also acts as a treatment, while combined lip and cheek products also make for great multi-taskers. 

As for non-negotiables: mascara is a must, as is a cleanser that can thoroughly remove your makeup at the end of the day.

In Flight Skincare

There are several tips of the trade that can help keep you looking refreshed, even after the longest of flights. The number one piece of advice: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Layer up on hydrating, antioxidant ingredients before you even board and then lock it all in with an occlusive moisturizer. If you’re flying during the day, don’t skimp on the SPF, as you can still be exposed to UVA rays while en route.

You can also implement a mini skincare routine while traveling. If your skin needs an in-flight boost (and you don’t mind a few strange looks) you can always apply a moisturizing sheet mask. Use any remaining product left over from your sheet mask to give your hands and décolletage a little mid-flight boost. 

Skincare Upon Arrival 

Once you arrive at your destination, wash your face and use an exfoliating toner or serum to remove dry and dead skin cells that may have built up during a flight. Follow up with a restorative moisturizer to deeply rehydrate stressed-out skin. 

Finally, an invigorating shower using a body wash with an uplifting, stimulating scent can refresh the mind and awaken the body after a long day of travel. A long, luxurious soak in a warm bath, meanwhile, can serve as a total reset. Allow the steam to soothe and rehydrate a dry nose and throat. And last but not least, a magnesium bath soak will relieve muscular tension, promote relaxation and (hopefully) a deep, restful sleep–the true benchmark of any break.

Happy travels!

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