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Brand Highlight: Symbiome

In a world in which new skincare lines drop everyday, sometimes less is more.  That is the inspiration behind Symbiome, the minimalist, sustainable, and science-backed skincare line that stands for a return to simplicity through a curated range of products crafted using less than ten clean, organic ingredients.

Founded in 2017, Symbiome delves deep into the science of skin and the microbiome (the diverse community of microorganisms that lives on our skin) in particular. “Symbiome skincare formulations are the result of over six years of pioneering microbiome science and research conducted by an industry leading team,” says CEO and Founder Larry Weiss. Every formulation crafted by Symbiome is therefore designed to nourish and support the skin's microbial ecosystem. “We have developed a highly advanced understanding of the healthy human microbiome from a population that lives free from skin conditions and diseases that are commonplace today,” he says. 

The unique formulation of the line is based upon this research by Symbiome’s scientists that found that over 80% of microbial diversity has vanished, highlighting the significant impact of environmental and lifestyle factors on our skin's microbial ecosystem and emphasizing the need to restore this diversity and generate an array of nutrients—vitamins A, D, E, and K, phytosterols, and CoQ10—that bolster our skin's resilience. “By leveraging plants from our ancestral symbiome, we strive to repair these broken connections to our environment,” says Weiss. “We are replacing beneficial metabolites–vitamins, nutrients, and essential fatty acids–that once kept our skin healthy.”

The brand’s hypoallergenic, probiotic products are all crafted utilizing sustainably harvested and naturally fermented rainforest botanicals that are designed to restore the microbiome and rejuvenate the skin naturally, while their proprietary postbiomic fermentation process helps to break down the biomolecules found in these botanicals, allowing them to be more easily absorbed and processed by the skin. Their patented BioIntact Emulsion, meanwhile, uses natural bio-emulsifiers, produced during fermentation by a proprietary blend of Lactobacillus species, to mix the aqueous (water based) and oily ingredients. By eliminating heat in the production process, BioIntact Emulsion not only has a lower carbon footprint but also maintains the biological integrity of the enzymes, peptides, and nutrients within the formulations and makes them naturally self-stabilizing and self-preserving. 

Committed to a return to simplicity, Symbiome also boasts a less than ten promise, meaning that each product contains less than ten clean, organic, traceable, and sustainable ingredients, all selected for their robust composition of nutrients and biomolecules that deliver, naturally, only what the skin needs. Certified by Leaping Bunny, 1% For the Planet, Made Safe, and EWG, all of Symbiome’s products are cruelty-free and safe for both your skin and the environment, while their partnership with the Amazon Conservation Team works to conserve the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest and protect the culture and land of its indigenous guardians.  

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