Introducing Stripes

Everything you need to know about the new menopausal wellness brand from our co-founder Naomi Watts

Half of the world’s population are women, and therefore half of the population will experience menopause.

25 million women in the United States alone are dealing with menopause symptoms today. But for decades, women experiencing menopause (and perimenopause)–and its accompanying symptoms–have been largely ignored.

“Women spend half their life in menopause, yet the industry ignores our needs and women suffer in silence,” says Watts of the inspiration behind her new menopausal wellness line, Stripes. “We are the changemaking generation and with the launch of Stripes, we are going to change the conversation around this phase of life, stop the spread of misinformation and make it a time for celebration, not shame.”

With a lineup of facial skincare, sexual wellness, haircare and supplements, Stripes offers a holistic approach to menopause, with science and research-backed products that are designed to ease and support women during a time of hormonal transitions. The line includes a cooling face mist, thickening scalp serum, hydrating vaginal gel, probiotic supplements, body oil and more, all designed to help women manage physical and emotional changes with formulations designed to tackle targeted symptom relief. 

It’s important to note that Stripes is not an anti-aging brand; instead, the focus is on aging with ease and promoting solutions that help people navigate and mitigate the natural transitions that occur before, during, and after menopause. For example, dry skin is one of the main effects of reduced estrogen production, so all of Stripe’s skincare and haircare products are powered by ectoine, a bioactive protection molecule that forms a hydration shield around skin cells and helps to treat dryness and inflammation. Other hero ingredients include squalane (you may have heard us talk about it more lately), which provides superior skin moisturization and supports the skin barrier and microbiome; hyaluronic acid to soothe redness, and vitamin C to brighten dull skin. In line with Watt’s commitment to clean beauty, Stripes’ products are all formulated with natural, sustainable ingredients that are good for both consumers and the planet. 

Beyond products, Stripes also aims to inspire conversations and confidence around the topic of healthy aging by encouraging real talk, education, and solutions through their online community, and via live event programming.  “Women should feel like the menopause conversation is a normal one to have,” says Watts. “This should be the end of the shame and secrecy, and the beginning of something new and wonderful for women. Getting older is a privilege and a time for us to feel proud of our cumulative experiences— to feel empowered, unapologetically so.”

We are especially thrilled about this launch because, as many of you may know, Naomi is one of Onda’s co-founders. She first came to know and love clean beauty through our other co-founder, Larissa Thomson, and her passion for all things clean continued to grow over the years. We love that we have what we’d like to think is a bit part in Stripes’s origin story and will be cheering on Naomi and this brand that is so close to her heart from the sidelines. 

Here, four Stripes products to try, stat!

Dew As I Do

This antioxidant-rich moisturizer is packed with all the juicy things menopausal skin thirsts for: sustainably-sourced squalane, a blend of vitamins B, C, E, and star player and hydration hero, ectoine. It visibly evens out skin tone and reduces the appearance of fine lines. NB: You don’t need to be menopausal (or even perimenopausal!) to see results from these products. Some of us at Onda aren’t quite at that life stage just yet and still love Dew As I Do, along with the rest of the Stripes line. 


The Power Move

As the name suggests, this mighty serum packs a punch. Created with five different versions of hyaluronic acid, plus Poria cocos mushroom, this special formulation firms, hydrates, and plumps while visibly smoothing the appearance of fine lines for a knockout complexion.


The Full Monty

Use this text to share information about your brand with your customers. Describe a product, share announcThis silky blend of moisturizing squalane, antioxidant-rich açai oil, vitamins C and E, and kakadu plum delivers deep hydration and an allover radiance to menopausal skin. Perfect for a post-shower top-to-toe glow. We love a good body moisturizer year-round of course, but it’s especially seductive (and necessary) this time of year. ements, or welcome customers to your store.


Oh My Glide

This “play oil” contains ever-present squalane, bisabolol, and coconut and avocado oils to gently restore moisture for everyday comfort. Because, as Stripes says, “night moves are the right moves”. We’d have to agree.


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