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Introducing Kat Burki

We all know that our bodies rely on and utilize vital nutrients for good health. And, just as nutrient dense foods can heal our bodies, nutrient rich ingredients can do the same for our skin. That’s the thinking behind Kat Burki, the eponymous skincare line founded by former health care attorney turned skin nutritionist, Kat Burki. Founded in 2013, the skincare line is the product of 20 years of education and research in nutrition and disease management and powered by cutting-edge nutritional science. “My education in nutrition and health care law led me into a career as a health care attorney, where I joined scientists and epidemiologists in researching the rise of environmental and food-related diseases,” says Burki. “This awareness and training led to a deeper understanding of how our bodies rely on and utilize vital nutrients.” 

The idea for creating a skincare line based on this knowledge came about after Burki was unable to find products that focused on the whole nutrition necessary to heal the skin. “Existing brands only concentrated on single star ingredients that were often formulated with other ingredients that irritated the skin, blocked absorption, or actually “killed” the one star ingredient,” she says.”Just like food heals the body in multiple ways–not just one vitamin, nutrient, or magic cure all–skincare should work the same.” She began to experiment and formulated what she now calls her Super Nutrient Complexes based on applied nutritional sciences that deliberately align ingredients that, once combined, heightened each ingredient’s efficacy to form “super ingredients” with maximum potency. In addition to these complexes, all formulas are maximized for anti-inflammation, absorption, and healing; free of fillers including water, dimethicone, alcohol, petrolatum, and hydrogenated oils, that block absorption and increase inflammation; and use cold processing technology to ensure that all vital ingredients and antioxidants retain their effectiveness. 

“Nothing you can ingest will directly impact your skin as immediately as topical skin products can. This makes skincare wonderful, as you can directly impact skin’s health and renewal by applying the right formulas directly to your skin,” says Burki of the range, whose devotees include everyone from beauty editors and professional makeup artists to A listers such as Emily Blunt, Julianne Moore, and Florence Pugh. “Also, I believe that the skin is indeed reversible. It is completely possible to have better skin now than you did in your youth by tapping into the healing cycle with targeted nutrient rich skincare that addresses inflammation, absorption, and healing.”

This all being said, we’re very pleased to announce that Kat Burki is taking over our Signature Facial throughout the month of August, which means that only the brand’s products will be used during our most-loved (and booked) facial. The Signature Facial employs a combination of high-pressurized oxygen, lifting radiofrequency, LED lights, and of course massage by the esthetician’s expert hands to deliver stunning results. Book your Kat Burki x Onda Signature Facial today!

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