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The newest brand to the Onda Beauty family, Nativa SPA, was born in Brazil. When Brazilian pharmacist and pioneer of Brazil’s whole beauty approach Miguel Krigsner discovered quinoa on a trip through the Andes, he wondered if the super grain could be as nourishing for skin as he knew it to be for the body. So he dove head first into research and found that the answer to his question was a resounding yes. Krigsner ran with the idea and grew it into something much bigger, developing an innovative distillation process to extract the purest oil possible. The result is a golden elixir contained in every NativaSPA product. 

But What’s So Great About Quinoa?

The grain has been prized (and was even considered sacred) by the Incan people for millennia. Known as the “golden grain”, it’s rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fat–it’s a whole source of nutrition. But as Krigsner discovered, quinoa’s benefits go far beyond the plate. It’s why NativaSPA harnesses the ancient grain to deliver whole-body care.

The benefits seem endless: 

● Rich in omegas 3,6, and 9, quinoa oil has 30x more omegas than coconut oil, 4x more than avocado oil, and 2x more than almond oil. Omega fatty acids regulate skin's oil production, improve hydration, and minimize signs of aging

● Antioxidant properties neutralize free radicals

● Improves firmness and skin strength and stimulates recovery

● Prevents appearance of stretch marks

● Reinforces the skin barrier

● Deeply increases hydration and the skin’s capability to retain water

Nativa SPA Cares

About the health of our skin, but also the health of the planet, which is obvious in the brand’s pillars: 

1) Performance & Pleasure. Their products are basically daily bliss in a bottle, with lush textures and remarkable scents that comfort your skin and senses.

2) Commitment to Clean. Nativa’s ingredients are vegan, cruelty-free, and free from 1,000+ questionable ingredients. They follow strict EU safety standards for the good of people and the planet.

3) Small Steps Make a Difference. From a single ingredient to a simple act of self-care, NativaSPA believes it all adds up to nourishing the mind, body, skin, and our Mother Earth. Every purchase makes an impact, too. The brand gives back 1% of proceeds to the planet and uses sustainable practices from start to finish. How exactly do they do this? Take a look…

Nativa SPA’s Sustainable Initiatives

● Packaging is made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) 

● Packaging is recyclable through the TerraCycle program 

● Sustainably designed to use less plastic and minimize waste

● Carbon-neutrally shipped 

● 1% of proceeds go back to the planet via various initiatives

● Refills use 78% less plastic than bottles

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