Get to Know Seed to Skin

The Tuscan Skincare Line That Works On a Cellular Level

Developed by Jeanette Thottrup, founder of Borgo Santo Pietro–the to-die-for, luxury Italian countryside retreat which includes a five-star boutique hotel, spa, organic farm, Michelin-starred restaurant and cooking school (phew!)–Seed to Skin believes in the power of ingredients. Throughout the product line, you will find herbs, honey, and sheep’s milk sourced directly from the brand’s certified organic farm at Borgo Santo Pietro in the heart of Tuscany. What they don’t grow themselves comes from a highly selective group of environmentally conscious micro-producers and wild foragers on land and at sea. 

Seed to Skin's ingredients are sourced directly from the brand’s certified organic farm

Going beyond the purist appeal of natural ingredients, Seed to Skin combines the power of nature’s curative properties with the results-driven efficiency of advanced science, utilizing an advanced molecular delivery system sized to penetrate even the deepest layers. Dubbed Green Molecular Science, each product is made to affect the skin on a cellular level using herbal extracts abundant in antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that act to support cellular regeneration as well as to repair the skin from the inside out. 

Each product is made to affect the skin on a cellular level

“I have always loved the integrity of natural skincare, and have studied the healing powers of plants, but with Seed To Skin, I wanted to see how far I could push the efficacy of plant extracts with the help of science,” says Thottrup of the thinking behind the line she created with the help of cosmetic scientist Dr. Anna Buonocore. “Plants themselves can deliver potent benefits to the skin, but using the correct extraction methods and formulations is vital.”

Committed to efficacy, quality control, and traceability, the line is entirely produced at Seed to Skin’s state-of-the-art laboratory without a single step of production outsourced to third parties. Instead, all of the products are individually handmade onsite and assigned their own batch numbers. Free from fillers, parabens, synthetic preservatives, and artificial color or fragrance, the line is also finished in their signature eco-friendly, green glass jars that are filled by hand at Borgo. The jars can be recycled or reused. 

Here, our favorite Seed to Skin products to integrate into your skincare routine. 

The Cure

Produced to aid in cellular regeneration and collagen production, The Cure is a moisturizer for day and night. Its formulation features a system developed by Seed to Skin that delivers smaller molecules of The Cure’s active ingredients to areas that need it most. 


The Black Magic

The Black Magic is just that, magic. Often referred to as an all-in-one skincare product, the formula works to detoxify the skin while simultaneously adding a boost of oxygen and firming rejuvenation. This triple-action power results in smoother, softer, deeply moisturized skin that glows from the deepest layer of the skin to the surface. 


The Biom’sphere

With hyaluronic acid, probiotics, and black bee honey, The Biom’sphere strengthens and regenerates the protective barrier of the skin. This overnight serum is powerful yet suitable for all skin types. Working to hold moisture, boost the flow of oxygen, and enhance the skin’s natural biome, The Biom’sphere leaves skin feeling deeply hydrated and balanced.


The Divine Cleanse

The Divine Cleanse offers the skin a deep cleanse while drawing out impurities. Marine plankton boosts the skin's natural production of collagen, while also increasing elasticity and leaving your complexion luminous and clear. 


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