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Desert Island Pick: 14th Night The Hair Elixir

14th Night's The Hair Elixir is the definition of liquid gold.

I have literally taken this with me to an island (maybe not a deserted one, but still) along with just a few other beauty essentials, and it cemented for me just how much I love this product. Here's why: this potent little bottle houses a potent blend of oils (argan, pomegranate, sweet almond) that acts as a true elixir for hair in need of a little TLC. Mine in particular is course and often frizzy in its natural state; and when I was in the Caribbean, you can bet my frizz was in rare form. But every day I'd massage a bit of 14th Night's Hair Elixir from mid-length to the ends of my hair, and frizz would be instantly tamed. After several uses, my hair looked shinier and healthier overall; it actually felt stronger, too, and less prone to breakage. (I recently extolled these virtues in an IG reel series about spring break travel picks, which you can check out here).

And then I can't stop talking about the scent. It's sexy and reminiscent of a sultry night on (you guessed it!) a steamy tropical island. When I use The Hair Elixir, I consider it both my hair care but also my fragrance, and I feel just a little boost of confidence knowing I'm sporting an exotic scent that no doubt has people wondering, "what is she wearing?"

So of course, the fact that a product performs and does what it promises to do is enough to make me a fan, but what I love just as much is a compelling founder story: 14th Night's founder Negar Mohammadi formulated The Hair Elixir using beauty secrets passed down from her Persian heritage. Frustrated by the lack of clean, effective, and luxurious hair care products on the market, Mohammadi turned to her aforementioned Persian heritage, remembering her grandmother's homemade hair oil, which she credited for her what Mohammadi calls "iconic" healthy, shiny, waist-length hair.

Mohammadi knew that her grandmother had always sourced luxury botanicals prized for their nutrient profiles and reparative benefits from local markets. The problem was, she didn't know the exact recipe. So the founder got to work replicating the magical formulations, sourcing premium ingredients while working with a chemist to bring them to life with the time-honored practices used by her ancestors. The rest is history, and the result a thing of true beauty.

Founder Tips for Use

On wet hair: Distribute a few drops evenly from mid-length to ends. Air dry for a frizz-free finish with natural texture, or blow dry safely with heat protection.

On dry hair: Add a few drops to your palms; rub them together, and run through hair for desired style. A gentle pat from mid-length to ends will add instant shine while taming fly aways.

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