Demystifying Eye Creams with Founder of epi.logic, Dr. Cheneve Jeanniton

Demystifying Eye Creams with Founder of epi.logic, Dr. Cheneve Jeanniton

At ONDA Beauty, we are routinely asked the same questions about eye creams: what can they do? Which one is best for me? How do I get rid of ‘XYZ’ issue around my eyes? 

In order to best answer these FAQs, there is a bit of science and art that is useful to understand. So, we decided it was time to bring in an expert to give us the rundown.

Meet the Expert
We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton, a renowned expert in ophthalmology and facial aesthetics, and founder of epi.logic, to gain her take on the common misconceptions and truths surrounding eye creams. Her insights are not only enlightening but also essential for anyone looking to enhance their skincare routine effectively.

The Biggest Misconception About Eye Creams

One of the most significant misunderstandings about eye creams, according to Dr. Jeanniton, is the belief that these creams can solve structural issues like under-eye bags or puffiness. She explained, "these conditions often stem from deeper, more complex causes such as fat pad shifts around the eyes, allergies, or thyroid disorders, which are not typically within the realm of what topical treatments can address." While eye creams can be beneficial for minor issues following a poor night's sleep, expecting them to correct more significant anatomical changes is unrealistic.

What to Look for in an Effective Eye Cream

When choosing an eye cream, hydration is key. The eyelids lack sufficient oil glands, making them particularly vulnerable to dryness. Dr. Jeanniton recommends looking for products rich in humectants and emollients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, or squalene. Additionally, she advocates for the inclusion of retinoids and peptides in eye creams, which can significantly improve the appearance of the skin around the eyes by addressing common issues such as fine lines and improving elasticity. "I am someone who's a huge advocate of retinoids in eye cream...whether it be retinol or one of the retinol derivatives, are pretty important ingredients," she notes.

Ingredients to Avoid

The Doctor advises against the use of hydroxy acids on the eyelids as part of a daily home routine due to their potential harshness. She also suggests steering clear of heavy occlusives like petrolatum and mineral oil, which can lead to the formation of milia—small, stubborn cysts under the skin. "Certainly, in the office, I'm comfortable using acids around the eyelid but not something I would recommend for the home environment," she adds.

The Future of Eye Care in the Skincare Industry

Looking ahead, Dr. Jeanniton is excited about the potential of regenerative treatments, such as those utilizing stem cells, and the use of LED technology. These innovations reflect a shift towards stimulating the body's own healing processes rather than relying on external fillers.

The Importance of Sun Protection

Dr. Jeanniton emphasizes the critical role of sunscreen in protecting the delicate skin around the eyes from UV damage, which can accelerate the skin's deterioration in an already sensitive area. She recommends using sunglasses not just as a fashion statement but as a protective measure against daily sun exposure.

Best Practices for Applying Eye Creams

Finally, Dr. Jeanniton shares some practical advice on integrating eye creams into your skincare routine. The application technique is crucial: ensure minimal friction by using gentle motions and avoiding pulling or dragging the skin. "Make sure you're getting as much slip between your finger and your eyelids as possible when you start to apply the product," she advises. This approach helps maximize the benefits of the eye cream while protecting the skin's integrity.

epi.logic: A New Approach to Skincare

In recent years, Dr. Jeanniton decided to take her experience and patient feedback to launch her own skincare line, epi.logic, that utilizes this blend of art and science to create a clean beauty line to meet today's user needs. "epi.logic was bore from a desire to create something that genuinely meets the user's needs, providing comprehensive benefits and making the user feel empowered, informed, and confident in their skin," she explains. She found that many traditional medical-grade skincare products were clinical, sterile, and inaccessible, so she hopes to offer consumers a more holistic and enriching user experience with epi.logic.

ONDA Beauty is proud to carry several items from Dr. Jeanniton's epi.logic, among them is Eye Contact - a brightening eye cream formulated with time-release encapsulated retinol and potent peptides to visibly firm and brighten.

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