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Celebrating Shark Week with Squalane

In doing a bit of research to write this blog post, we were shocked to find that Shark Week actually began back in 1988. We thought this was a fairly recent “holiday”; it turns out sharks have had a week in the spotlight for 35 years! They must be pretty incredible (albeit, maybe a bit scary if you encounter one) creatures. This year, the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week coverage begins this Sunday, July 23rd. To celebrate, we’re having a sale on select products that contain buzzy hero ingredient squalane. But just what does this have to do with sharks, exactly? We’re so glad you asked.


What is Squalane?

Squalane (with an “A”) is a more effective, shelf-stable version of a naturally-occurring lipid called squalene (with an “E”), which is produced by our bodies. As with all good things, our body’s production of squalene slows significantly after the age of 30, so, given its benefits, it’s only natural that we would look for it as an ingredient in our skincare. The rub? Squalene has historically been sourced from shark livers (though it can be found in plant sources such as olive, wheat germ, and rice bran oils). Thankfully, this practice is largely outdated, as companies have found ways to synthetically produce squalane, with all the same benefits of it’s shark-originating ingredient (one such company is our parent, Amyris, one of the leading manufacturers of squalene in the world).

So you see, as a retailer of clean beauty, we have reason to celebrate the sharks. We care that ingredients are safe and efficacious, but we also care about their provenance, and steer clear of carrying or using anything that harmed an animal during the process of making its way into our skincare. By some estimates, sourcing squalane from plant sources versus shark livers saves about two million sharks a year. It’s a pretty staggering number!


Onda x The Good Ocean

Another reason for our celebration of Shark Week: our recent partnership with Sea Legacy’s The Good Ocean. We are so proud and honored to be working with this incredible organization whose mission is to “use strategic communications at the intersection of art, science, and conservation to protect and rewild the ocean within our lifetimes.” Since sharks inhabit those precious oceans, The Good Ocean naturally cares about the wellbeing of these animals too, as sharks help to regulate the delicate ecosystem of the seas. If The Good Ocean’s mission resonates with you, we invite you to learn more here, and perhaps consider becoming a partner yourself.

So this Shark Week, we invite you to join us in celebrating the majestic shark by supporting brands and products that use the shark-free ingredient squalane to nourish your skin in myriad ways. (Need a refresher on squalane? Read all about its benefits here).

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