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Brand Highlight: Blue Lagoon Iceland

If you've ever explored Iceland, chances are you've come across the mesmerizing Blue Lagoon. Just a thirty-minute drive from Reykjavík, the geothermal, milky-blue waters (a result of the water's high concentration of silica, algae, and minerals) draw in wellness junkies from all corners of the globe in search of its healing, rejuvenating effects on the skin, along with prospects of a showstopping selfie. Now, you can experience the Blue Lagoon's benefits at home, thanks to an award-winning line of skincare that draws upon the water’s bioactive elements to cleanse, boost, nourish, and heal the skin. 

Launched in 1995 and developed by Ása Brynjólfsdóttir, the director of the Blue Lagoon Research & Development Center, the range benefits from the brand’s exclusive access to the healing geothermal seawater sourced directly from the lagoon. “I have always been fascinated by the possibility of using nature for improved quality of life,” explains Brynjólfsdóttir, who studied pharmaceutical science at the University of Iceland and oversees a team of scientists and engineers on the cutting edge of skincare research. When she first started researching the Blue Lagoon water over 30 years ago, she says, “We asked the question: ‘What is in this water that is giving it these healing properties?’ Once we understood that the water contains unique bioactive ingredients, the next step was to find a way to harvest this bioactivity and then put it into formulations that can deliver this bioactive effect of the water.”

The result is two-fold: Blue Lagoon Iceland, a line of spa care that includes masks formulated with the location’s famous silica mud, bioactive algae, and geothermal seawater, and BL+, a high-performance, sustainable skincare range formulated with a proprietary blend called the BL+ Complex. “When we opened the Blue Lagoon, bathers loved to apply the white silica mud from the bottom of the Lagoon on their skin because the silica had a good effect on their skin,” says Brynjólfsdóttir. “Soon, the bathers began to report that the silica mud with a slightly green tint to it was even more effective.” After studies conducted by Professor Jean Krutmann at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, confirmed that Blue Lagoon microalgae had the ability to stimulate collagen production and prevent collagen breakdown in the skin, Brynjólfsdóttir developed the BL+ Complex to specifically target the signs of skin aging and to optimize skin health. “BL+ is rooted in the idea that one highly effective, multicorrectional product can transform the skin,” she says.  

Deeply committed to environmental responsibility, Blue Lagoon Iceland skincare is harvested by way of a zero waste process and adheres to the highest mandates of eco-friendly sustainability, while their primary and secondary packaging is 100% recyclable and uses FSC-certified paper. Blue Lagoon also funds a broad spectrum of philanthropic causes in the areas of youth sports, the arts, health, and fitness—contributing to the wellbeing of the communities on the Reykjanes Peninsula. “The Blue Lagoon has developed as a whole concept: medical treatments, wellness, skincare, tourism,” says Brynjólfsdóttir. “It is a unique example of the multiple uses of geothermal resources for enhanced quality of life, and our Research and Development Center is at the heart of all our endeavors. Our work has proven to be pioneering as we adhere to the highest sustainability best practices in all our processes and is hopefully an inspiration to other Icelandic companies.”

For all of the reasons you just read, we love this line of skincare and are thrilled to announce that we’re partnering with the brand for the Onda x Blue Lagoon Iceland Signature Facial for the entire month of July. This means that all of the products used in our most popular, ultra pampering facial will be from this line, so you’ll get a 360 experience of the products, and amazing skincare benefits they offer. Book your Onda x Blue Lagoon Signature Facial now; we know you’ll become devotees like we have. 

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Lava Scrub Mask Blue Lagoon Iceland

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