Winnie Beattie

Winnie Beattie

Meet ultimate beach babe turned business woman Winnie Beattie.  She spent her childhood on the big Island of Hawaii and even met her husband Rob Magnotta while surfing. Out of her love of sun, sand and her urban hippie lifestyle came Warm - a specialty shop carrying small brands and beautifully crafted items that reflect her eye for unique detail.  Five years ago she launched her own line of boho chic must haves. (Image: Domino/Johnny Miller)

What is your key to balancing work and being a mom?
I really don’t think I have balance. I have a frenetic way that works for me. I’m proud to be a very present mom and nothing on earth matters to me more than my family, but as a business owner I’m responsible for my own livelihood so I’m sort of always working on some level too...I am surrounded by chaos-mom of 3 boys and 2 rescue dogs and I run two start ups-and I kind of like it that way! I rarely have downtime but I deeply enjoy and appreciate it when I do.

Even in the dead of winter, your hair has that 'I just spent the day at the beach' look. How do you do it? 
I literally don’t do anything to it.  I let it air dry and sometimes I put coconut oil on the ends or if I’ve been in the ocean I’ll sleep with hair oil in it but that’s it. I used to highlight my hair every six weeks but a few years ago I decided I liked a more natural look so now I go twice a year and only do the ends. I love the natural rootiness of it. It looks more like it did when I was a kid-sun streaked and natural.

What is keeping you spiritually centered at the moment?
The silver lining of all of this madness has been that I’ve spent way more time outdoors than usual. I’ve found that the deep connection to the outdoors and nature has been really centering.  Even in the height of quarantine I would go for long runs and bikes outside, often with my kids and husband which previously only happened on weekends.  Then there’s the added bonus of surfing before and after work.  I’m at my absolute height of happiness when I’m In the water with my husband and kids-there is literally nothing better than watching the 3 of them in the water together or when we are all in it.

What are you reading this summer? 
Too much news unfortunately. By the time I stop work, go to the beach to meet my kids, eat as a family, clean out the wetsuits, boards, get everything ready for the next AM, deal with the dogs and clean up, I sit down with the paper on the sofa and fall asleep...Fall goals are to read the Elena Ferrante trilogy.

What's the one skincare item you can't live without?
I love the Suntegrity 5 in 1 Natural Face Moisturizer Sunscreen in golden light. I literally don’t wear makeup other than tinted moisturizer and mascara so this makes my skin look smooth and even a bit glowy which I love. It also is super protective with the mineral Broad spectrum SPF 30, plus the zinc oxide which protects and acts as an anti inflammatory. I’m outside and in the sun as much as possible so I put this on every day when I wake up.

What are you finding is a super effective clean skincare product at the moment?
I’m obsessed with the Herbivore After Sun Mist. I keep it in my refrigerator so it is extra refreshing and cool when I spray it on my face and body after a day at the beach or a run. The combo of the aloe, mint and lavender are super soothing and smells amazing. I use it on my kids too, they think it feels so good when they’re hot and sticky.

What didn't you leave home without all summer?
Didn't leave home without a beach towel! Our hand tie dyed beach/bath towels are 100% cotton and make getting out of the shower or the sea feel extra cozy.  Inspired by the cotton candy skies at sunset.

What is your favorite item in your collection at the moment?
I’m really into our flutter jumpsuit. It is soft and cotton so I can wear it now  with flip flops or vans, but it will be super cute in Fall with socks and birks and a jean jacket.  I need to look like I’ve got it together but it has to happen quickly so I’m a big fan of the jumpsuit because it requires little to no thought.

I love anything that smells like the ocean, and Osea Hyaluronic Sea Serum has 3 organic seaweeds in it which provide long lasting hydration & boost antioxidants.  Between stress, sun, sunscreen and saltwater, I am not too gentle on my skin.  This serum really helps it feel softer while adding a bit of dewy, glowy (and hopefully) youthfulness!  I use under moisturizer and keep in my car and roll it on after I surf.
I always keep the Ursa Major Face Wipes in my car and beach bag.  It gets the super thick sunscreen off of my face if I’m going straight from the beach to grab food.  My kids often fall asleep in the car on the way home after surfing so this allows me to get their gunky zinc off so at least their faces are clean!  I keep some in the fridge-they feel even better when they’re cold.  And they smell so good!

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