Sunrise Ruffalo

Sunrise Ruffalo

You're the woman behind one of the coolest online shops we know, Sunny's Pop. Can you tell us a little bit about the sort of products you carry? 
Thanks! I can’t take all the credit though. [Executive assistant manager] Noel Slifko has been with Sunny's Pop since day one, and helps in so many ways. Keeping the shop as great as it is can’t be done alone! Sunny’s Pop is a curated collection of sustainable homewares and gifts crafted by incredible designers, and chosen hoping they become heirloom objects. We’re also excited about our newest curation formed from a series of collaborations with some of our favorite artists. 

What led you to start your own business? Was it something you always wanted to do, or did you arrive there by a circuitous route, as is often the case with entrepreneurs?
It’s a funny story. Sunny’s Pop isn’t my first "retail rodeo"; I originally had a store in LA that started out as a work space and evolved into a jewelry store. After years away from it, it didn’t take long to decide to get back in it by selling some of my collection of vintage pieces I had been saving over the years and reaching out to some of my favorite artists and designers to share and support their work. Through that, Sunny’s Pop went from a short little pop-up to a brick-and-mortar location with a website!

Sunny's Pop and ONDA Beauty have something in common, it seems, in that they each pride themselves on selective curation. How do you decide what to carry in your store?
I’ve come to learn I just need to trust my gut. I often ask myself “Is it well made? Is it beautiful? Does it serve a purpose?” I like designs that are useful and not about frivolity.

What are some of your favorite products on Sunny's Pop at the moment?
Some of my favorite pieces are not actually released yet! I am very excited about a new collaboration coming this month. We’ve teamed up with Bartleby Objects x Sunny’s Pop and will have a very limited edition run of two different sized boxes. They're crafted with a rich, oxblood leather, finished with a french oak lid and lined with a super soft, natural alpaca fur interior. We’re expecting it to be a huge hit for the holidays. To celebrate, we will also be offering the VERY last round of another on of my favorite products, the L’Impulsive vase with L’Impatience Ceramics.

You've been a friend to ONDA for a long time, and have hosted a few pop-ups with us. What is it about ONDA Beauty that resonates with you and your brand?
I think the sustainable aspect of a lot of what ONDA offers deeply resonates with me and therefore the brand. ONDA cares so much about the ingredients in a similar way Sunny’s Pop cares about the materials used to craft products. 

Why is clean beauty important to you? And how do you define the term? 
I've found natural ingredients are much more attuned to my body. My skin looks great, and the scents are amazing. The environmental impacts of sustainable beauty products is very important to me, and I think the definition of "clean beauty" is chemical-free ingredients, but also with clean production.

What are some of your favorite products from ONDA Beauty? 
My favorite product right now is Marie Veronique’s Barrier Lipid Complex. The Barrier Lipid Complex gives my skin a more balanced complexion and calms a lot of my redness. My skin is hyper-reactive to whatever comes near it, and usually not in a good way, but this product agrees with it and I love it for that. 

Lastly, you must be pretty busy! What are some of your rituals to unplug and unwind?
I love driving as fast I possibly can (without hurting anyone of course) with the music on full blast. It allows me to take my mind off of everything else and just focus on the task at hand. Otherwise, I like to take a hot bath with my Herbivore Coconut Milk Bath Soak and watch Ken Burns documentaries.



"This gives my skin a more balanced complexion and calms a lot of my redness. My skin is hyper-reactive to whatever comes near it, and usually not in a good way."




"The sweet orange, cedarwood, and sage scent smells amazing and does the job. I find it to be very gentle and non-drying. It’s a great product for constant daily use."




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