Megan Larsen

Megan Larsen

Can you please begin by telling us the meaning of "Sodashi", and why you chose this name for your brand?
Sodashi means “wholeness, purity and radiance” [in Sanskrit] – these are Sodashi’s core values and continue to be the guiding principles of Sodashi as a company, a product, a workplace and in all our business dealings and relationships.

Sodashi has existed for 23 years- quite impressive! What do you think gives the brand its staying power?

Our approach has always been non-compromising.  We’ve focused on the customer experience with equal amounts of quality and consciousness. It’s not just about telling a story; it’s walking the talk and living the story. Investing in ingredients to create transformational skincare is THE best marketing dollars we’ve spent and to have some customers still purchasing Sodashi after 23 years is testament to this.

We read that the team at your Perth facility has the opportunity to meditate every day. Why did you make that option available, and how have you seen it benefit your team? 

I love this question!! My meditation journey had only begun a few years before Sodashi launched to the world. One day a new employee (Jessica), came to my office and asked me “what is it you do, I really want what you have because you always appear so calm”. Once Jessica learned, her next question was “why can’t we make this available to all the staff”? and that’s exactly what we did. Sodashi has now supported over 70 employees to learn the fabulous technique.  

The immediate result I see when someone learns [to meditate], is the stress dissolves from their face, particularly around their eyes – and they glow. Over time, and especially if they’re meditating every day, the benefits become more obvious. It’s great to observe their inner peace shining brightly, and if there is chaos or stress around them, they appear calmer and have more clarity. It’s such an effective technique for self-care.

 What is your personal definition of clean beauty?
Skincare that is safe for our Body, our Skin and the Planet.
We love your book Startups & Self-care. This is obviously a topic you know well and care deeply about. Given that you wrote an entire book about self-care, you must have a lot of advice! Can you give us your top 3 ways to practice self-care? 
1) Exercise is fantastic for our self-care.  I always feel nourished by a walk, particularly at sunrise, and yoga and pilates are part of my weekly routine.
2) Take care of yourself. Nourish your skin, mind and body. A good skincare routine twice a day will help keep your skin glowing, but also eating nourishing and nutritious food is so important for your skin, your mind and your body.
3) Take time each day for you. I meditate twice a day and this supports me to live my life with a full tank of self-care. It also allows me to give easily to others in a positive, healthy, and sustainable way, at the same time feeling great about myself. Self-care is awareness. It’s connecting with ourselves, which has a positive effect on our own wellbeing and happiness.

March is Women's History Month so we're honored to be featuring you as our Insider for this month. Can you name a few women who have served as inspiration for you?

I admire every woman who has the courage to speak out and use their influence to positively make change.

Brené Brown for teaching me about vulnerability and to have the courage to show up even when I can’t control the outcome.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and all the women, before and after her, who have used their voices for gender equality.

Maya Angelou I love every one of her quotes, they are always great reminders, and my favourite quote of Maya’s is “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.

My Mother taught me resilience and how to manage adversity, and was the first woman I witnessed turn her passion (for pottery) in the early 70’s into a thriving business.

What's the best piece of advice you've received as it relates to being a business owner? What about personal advice?

Business advice: at the beginning of my Sodashi journey I was told “Do what you do so well people can’t help but talk about what you do”.  

Best personal advice was from my Mum growing up, who always told me I "could do anything I put my mind and attention to” and gave me the belief anything was possible.



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