Laura Brown

Laura Brown

Laura Brown is a force. If you haven't had the pleasure of internet stalking her yet, she's the Editor in Chief of InStyle Magazine and wields a huge heart and the joyful tenacity of a true industry leader. Born in Australia, Laura and our own Naomi Watts are close friends. Basically, we adore Laura and know you will, too. Read on for her quippy insight into surviving a global pandemic with panache, the one product she doesn't leave the house without, and her biggest wellness hack.

Why is clean beauty important to you?

I’m not a huge analyzer of ingredients, but I know what feels right, what’s made with passion, responsibility, and a light hand. It’s such a thrill discovering new brands that promote caring about yourself as much as aesthetics.

What are your rituals to unplug?

Wine is clean, right? I like to think of it as, “juicing.” I’m useless at all the things people tell me to do, like meditation, but I enjoy a hefty night’s sleep. I’ve never been a night owl, even when I was young enough to bounce back. Without a good night’s sleep, I’m like the Duracell bunny without a battery.

Describe your morning skincare routine.

It's a Barbara Sturm parade: Hyaluronic Acid and Day Cream with a little pat of Glow Drops on top. (Been a bit crap at the Glow Drops lately being at home. A little more dependent on the Zoom “touch up” feature).

What’s one thing you’ve learned recently that has improved your life?

It’s been a forced learning, with COVID-19, but understanding that it’s OK to be at home, to make this sort of paused life as good as it can be, and not beating myself up if I haven’t written the Great Novel. Just getting through these stressful, ambiguous days is achievement enough. That and grabbing some fresh flowers from the deli. Cannot overstate how much they cheer a gal.

What’s the one beauty product you can’t live without?

My Bobbi Brown blond eyebrow pencil. My brows are largely a work of fiction. (Randomly, Renee Zellweger recommended it to me on a cover shoot over a decade ago).

Share your biggest wellness hack.

Leaving the party early. (Ah, remember parties?). I’ve never had the FOMO feeling of thinking I should have stayed longer. Friends have made fun of me for years: “Oh, it’s 10 pm. LB’s out.” But fear not! I give it my best while I’m there.

How do you balance all the facets of your life?

Can I get back to you if I ever do? I may have died by then.


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