Jimena Garcia

Jimena Garcia

Did you notice an uptick in people wanting their brows done during the height of mask-wearing?

Brows are the only aspect of the face with texture and movement. Expression is an innate function of brows, both preceding and ornamenting language. And, style is all about expression. Covid drew a spotlight to the brows because they were highlighted as a means of expression and style. Now, in the aftermath of Covid, we are all navigating and playing with recreation and brows are an essential way in.


You're Colombian and Lebanese. Do one or both of those cultures place a lot of emphasis on the brows? Where did your deep affinity for brows and apparent brow-whispering abilities come from?

Growing up with Colombian women (my mother and aunts), I was taught that femininity is about self-care and beautification is a source of power and strength. This notion instilled in me a desire to care for myself and in turn care for others. When I’m working with a client, I think of it as an exchange. My clients are giving me their trust and with that comes vulnerability. I feel a great responsibility in that and to honor my clients I want to share with them the beauty I see in them.



What exactly does being Chanel's brow artist entail? And what does this honor mean to you?

Being a part of the house of Chanel is an absolute honor, I have great reverence for them. The reputation Chanel holds is a commitment to excellence, devotion to the power of femininity, and the bravery to claim and celebrate it. Of course, I also love Chanel because they’re simply the best. Everyone in the Chanel family is at the very top of their craft and they do an amazing job of not only curating the best talent but also supporting the growth of their talent. I feel honored to be a part of the Chanel family and I don’t take it lightly. With them, I teach, lead events, support their community, partake in collaborations, and offer my expertise with their beautiful line of products. 


Without giving away all your secrets, can you walk us through your process of how you decide how to style one's brows? 

I collaborate with each client to bring to life their dream brow. I’ve seen so many faces and styles and bone structures, so I come to each pair of brows with a trained eye. I want to take my client’s vision for their brows and pepper in proportion and balance, and, of course, my point of view, creating art. 



For someone who can't get in with a brow artist ASAP, what tips can you share for caring for and grooming one's brows?

This is actually a great thing! Take this time to grow out and build the health of your brows. How? I recommend exfoliating, massaging, and conditioning the brows. Exfoliating stimulates hair growth and sloughs away dry, dead skin—I mix fine/ground sea salt with oil cleanser to make my own exfoliating treatment. Brow massage will also help stimulate hair growth and it feels great. Massage your brows with facial oil using your fingers or a guasha stone. And then, condition with face oil or aloe. 

At the same time, make a brow inspo board by snipping photos & snapping screenshots of brows you love. When you do finally get to see the brow artist bring your brow mood board and your bushiest brows.


Can you name a few of your favorite sets of brows that you've worked on? 

I really love the opportunities I’ve had to work with girls whom have never touched there brows—for me, it’s a chance to plant seeds of self-love. As women, we are often taught to think of our imperfections as flaws. I believe each “imperfection” is a key into our unique beauty, something that should be unlocked and celebrated. 

I also love getting to work with artists and thinkers, I could wax poetic all day long! 

Of course, I love seeing all people, there is so much beauty around, I love to talk about beauty in all its forms and help others feel like they want to flaunt theirs.



You probably spend a lot of time on the road. Do you have any grounding rituals that you practice wherever you go?

For me, scent is major—I love to bring incense and essential oils with me to soothe and comfort. I also like to wake up very early—no matter where I am—and take a walk. This not only orients me in the place but also in my body. And last but certainly not least, I love journaling. I have learned so much about journaling through my friend Laura Rubin, if you have not taken a workshop of hers yet, you must.


Wonder Valley Olive & Lotus Exfoliant 

“This is the perfect product to exfoliate your brows. It keeps the skin and brow hair healthy and shiny.” 

Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser 

“It’s my favorite nighttime regime to massage off the day, my skin feels soft and nourished.”


Rahua Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier

“Misting my hair with this product keeps it super healthy during long summer beach days”

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