Gucci Westman

Gucci Westman

What you've been able to achieve with your makeup line Westman Atelier is pretty incredible: efficacious, perfectly pigmented, short, beautiful! products made with clean ingredients. We often find that people are happy to try (and will eventually convert) to clean beauty, but are more skeptical about clean makeup. What sets WA apart?  
We are an effective and clean luxury beauty brand. Our products achieve the best experience from packaging, to formula, to wear. We are extremely passionate about every ingredient that is put into our products, and are always researching and reassessing our ingredients as new information comes to light.

What was your inspiration for starting Westman Atelier? We're so impressed that with all you have going on, you managed to find the time to create this amazing line.    
I have always been interested in the chemistry behind the products during my time working in the beauty industry, which ultimately inspired me to create a consciously clean line. I saw there was an opportunity for a line that felt luxurious but remained clean and performed. I wanted to set the standard within the beauty industry to challenge and welcome other brands to join the clean movement, especially within the luxury space.

We love the brand's YouTube channel! It's such fun, with a nice variety of content. Does being a content creator come naturally to you, or was it learned?  
Thank you! It does not come naturally to me- I find comfort in sharing information that I am confident in, and that is how I make it work for myself.

You are clearly one busy woman. How do you balance the many facets of your life? 
I take one day at a time as much as possible and try not to focus too much on the future. Instead, remain more in the moment. That always seems to work the best for me.

Related: what's your favorite way to decompress?  
I always find it helpful when I am in one place for an extended amount of time and back in my routine focusing on my healthy habits. Also, horseback riding is my absolute favorite way to decompress.

We're so honored that you curated this year's ONDA Beauty Mama Box! It makes for a wonderful gift for any mother/mother figure, especially given it has your stamp of approval. What's the best Mother's Day gift you've received?
 My favorite tree is a lilac tree, and my husband David surprised me with planting them one year for Mother’s Day–the smell is so nostalgic, it reminds me of growing up in Sweden!

What's the most important lesson motherhood has taught you? 
Our children are our biggest teachers–they teach you to always rise to the occasion in the most substantial way.

Can you think of a single favorite Mother's Day memory?
 My favorite Mother’s Day was when my good friend Ashley and I were sent to a hotel for a night arranged by our husbands!



"I like the concept, and how clean my mouth feels afterwards."

" I love that it feels thoroughly hydrating and it’s not sticky or greasy."
" One underestimates the importance of dry brushing, it makes you feel clean and bright."

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