Gregg Renfrew

Gregg Renfrew

We are so inspired by the success of Beautycounter and your work advocating for restrictions on harmful chemicals in beauty products sold in the U.S. What advice would you give to others who are also passionate about this cause, but feel stuck in their ability to make a difference? 

I understand that it can feel overwhelming to know where to start when you want to make a difference in the world. The truth is that starting small can really make a big impact. At Beautycounter, we work diligently to educate consumers on clean beauty, especially around ingredient safety, responsible sourcing, and sustainable packaging, so they can make informed choices for themselves and take a participatory approach. Consumers are increasingly voting with their wallet, and that can be really powerful. The more consumers can arm themselves with credible information to inform their choices and purchases, the more they can have an impact on the future of commerce.

What progress have you seen in beauty industry regulations since you started in the business?

Our mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone is embedded in everything we do. Over the last 10 years, Beautycounter ignited the clean beauty movement and has proven that commerce can be a powerful engine for change.
Beautycounter has advocated for more health-protective legislation, including legislation that would give the FDA sufficient capacity to regulate the industry more effectively, as well as the authority to screen ingredients for safety and recall products. Beautycounter and our community have sent over 236,000 emails, made 16,000 calls, and held 2,200 meetings with legislators in the U.S. and Canada, urging lawmakers to support cosmetic reform. Our efforts have resulted in the passage of 10 pieces of legislation with 9 more in the works. In December 2019, I was the first clean beauty founder to testify on Capitol Hill on a House cosmetic reform bill, which led to the first vote on a standalone piece of
federal cosmetic legislation in over 80 years.
What would you say is most important for people to understand about clean beauty?
Clean beauty is complicated, and it’s not defined in any official or governmental capacity. Because of this, it’s left up to brands to define what clean means to them. That is why we’ve been advocating for legislation that would help define it. We clearly define what “clean” means to us through our Blueprint
for Clean, a comprehensive framework that features 12 rigorous safety standards outlining Beautycounter’s unparalleled safety screening, supply chain transparency, responsible sourcing, sustainable packaging, and more.

You undoubtedly lead a very busy life; we are overwhelmed just thinking about it! What would be your best advice for trying to balance family, work, social life, and mental and physical health? 

Finding balance has been one of the biggest challenges for me. Trying to balance family and work and time to take care of myself is a constant balancing act. Having the peace of mind knowing that I’m working toward something that will help others helps me to keep going and keep things in perspective.
When you do feel overwhelmed, what's your go-to way to settle your mind and body?

I take a bath every night to help me relax and wind down.

Who has inspired you to become such a powerful woman? Whom have you learned the most from? 

My mother. She taught me the importance of being financially and emotionally independent, and the value of hard work. She always told me that I was the cake and everything else was the icing. She taught me to have a solid foundation and that everything else, like a partner, children, and success, was just the icing on the cake.

If you had to choose a single one, which trait would you say has been most important to your success?


What are you hopeful and excited for in the next couple of years?

I’m deeply passionate about helping to shape the future where all brands are part of the solution to the pressing challenges facing our world today. Companies that reflect a culture of purpose and have a focus beyond simply profit are not only critical to helping to solve these challenges but are also most likely to find long-term success. I believe this shift is inevitable. We’re living through an exciting
moment for businesses - consumers want to hold us accountable for leaving the world better than we found it. At Beautycounter, we’re here to show them how it’s done, having been a B Corp since day one (prioritizing people, the planet, and profit simultaneously).


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