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DESCRIPTION: Introducing WELL SPRAY Inner Beauty SupportTM – your daily holistic health companion.Formulated with the intention of cultivating an integrated approach to health, beauty and wellness, this sage and peppermint herbal spray is bio-fermented with probiotics to nurture your belly and overall wellbeing.

WELL SPRAY’s nourishing herbal blend contains a unique combination of nutrients, bio-fermented superfoods such as pomegranate and elderberry as well as herbs including olive leaf, sage and calendula.

The formula also contains selenium, a mineral essential for normal immune function as well as the maintenance of healthy hair and nails while the addition of biotin is important for nutrient metabolism, hair and skin health. With a refreshing peppermint taste, WELL SPRAY supports your health, immunity and wellbeing when you’re on the go and contains ingredients which have been bio-fermented with probiotics for a healthy, happy belly, and glowing skin from within.


Bio-fermented herbs: Contains a unique combination of sage, calendula, elderberry,olive leaf, peppermint and clove bud oil to help support holistic health and wellbeing.

Olive leaf extract: Traditionally used to support immune health*

Selenium: This antioxidant mineral supports healthy hair and nails as well as immunity and helps to combat the effects of free radical damage.

Biotin: Important for macronutrient metabolism and energy production, biotin is also an important nutrient for hair health and helps to maintain skin integrity and function.


Helps protect cells against free radicals: Antioxidant mineral selenium plays an important role in protecting cells from oxidative stress and damaging free radicals.

Supports immune function: Contains olive leaf which is traditionally used to support immunity* as well as selenium which is necessary for normal immune function. Contributes to energy metabolism: Biotin is a complex B vitamin which is important for nutrient metabolism and energy production.

Maintains healthy skin and hair: Antioxidant mineral selenium as well as biotin help to support skin function and healthy hair.


Adults: Take 12 sprays (1.2mL) per day, (4 sprays, 3 times daily). Enjoy up to 20 sprays (2mL) daily.

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