Signature 5 Day Reset



DESCRIPTION: Nurture your body and mind without an ounce of deprivation with Kroma’s Signature 5-Day Reset, which includes 50 food + beverages (10 servings per day), carefully labeled by day and numerical order to make it easy to follow while ensuring that you are fueled and nourished throughout the 5 Days.

WHAT IT DOES: Kroma’s 5-Day Reset is a tool to help you create healthy habits through fueling your body with delicious, nutrient-rich superfoods that set you up for long-term success. Each day of the Signature Kroma 5-Day Reset includes a delicious variety of highly functional and flavorful instant superfoods and beverages that require little to no prep and are shelf-stable (aka - no freezer or fridge required) and, in most cases, only require water or a non-dairy milk.


○ Break Your Fast: Beauty Matcha

○ Breakfast: Super Porridge

○ Hydration: Cranberry Hydration Elixir

○ Boost: Plant based smoothie (3 flavors)

○ Lunch: Broth (4 flavors - bone or veggie)

○ Fuel: Supergreens elixir

○ Snack: Afternoon superlatte (Ultimate Vitality golden milk or Spicy Passion Cacao)

○ Energy snack: OMG Cookie Butter

○ Dinner: Broth (bone or veggie)

○ After Dinner Supplement: Calming + Repair Magnesium


○ Better sleep

○ A clearer mind

○ More energy

○ Balanced adrenals

○ Increased metabolic function

○ Improved digestion

○ Overall slimming and debloating