Rose Geranium and Tangerine Body Lotion


DESCRIPTION: What it is: A delicate body lotion with the nutritive power of a cream, this luxury whole-body beautifier offers remarkable toning results.

BENEFITS: Rich in vitamins, antioxidants and phytohormones to firm the skin, this remarkably nourishing formulation encourages cellular metabolism, promoting regeneration and the restoration of the skin’s moisture balance with active nutrients—and the transportive, lightly floral and crisp scent is intoxicating. Reconnect with nature and center your being.


Geranium: Hydrates skin tissues; Relaxes the nerves, calms feelings of anxiety; Reinforces vital chi energy.

Raspberry Seed Oil: forms an occlusive barrier that locks in moisture, while providing a large dose of protective antioxidants due to a high content of alpha linolenic acid. Slows the breakdown of collagen andthe inflammatory response, imparting elasticity and suppleness to the skin.

Tangerine: Natural exfoliant and skin conditioner, stimulates circulation and strengthens skins flora.

Ylang Ylang: Has been shown to enhance cellular function. Nourishes the skin, restoring its natural brilliance. Lifts the senses, reducing stress and tension.