Restorative Eye Gel

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This all natural eye gel, which comes with a metal roll-on ball to help with de-puffing, is luxuriously rich and incredibly hydrating on the skin. It will help to reduce dark circles and puffiness, minimize fine lines and create firmness and tone for a healthier, more youthful appearance.

  • HELICHRYSUM OIL - or Immortelle Oil is well known for its restorative properties. It is one of the most rare, precious and powerful oils. It helps accelerate new tissue formation and improve circulation. It is also extremely high in antioxidants and gives skin a youthful radiance.
  • SEA BUCKTHORN EXTRACT - is derived from the seeds and berries of the Sea Buckthorn Berry, which is extremely high in vitamins A and C. Vitamin A promotes the enzyme activity in the skin, thickens the epidermis and can regenerate skin prematurely aged by too much sun exposure. While Vitamin C helps to boost collagen production and reduce the appearance of brown spots.
  • Sea Buckthorn is especially suited to sensitive skin, so it is ideal for use around the eye area where the skin is most delicate and thin.
  • SQUALANE - Squalane is derived from olives. It has excellent emollient qualities and is often referred to as nature's facelift. It readily absorbs into the skin and can help prevent pigmentation and premature ageing.
  • SILC OLIV - is a natural substitute for silicone. It has wonderful moisturising properties and will help to restore suppleness and elasticity to the skin. It is light and non greasy and helps to give skin a beautifully silky feel.
  • ABYSSINIAN OIL - this ultra light oils is high in phytosterols which helps assist in repairing damaged skin cause by day to day stress or age. It is especially suited to sensitive and mature skin.
  • CAMELLIA OIL - which is high in oleic acid and is especially suited for facial use due to its rapidly absorbency and gives the skin a radiant glow. It also protects from damaging environmental conditions and promotes the healing of scars, is soothing to irritated and dry skin and is can be useful in treating freckles and age spots as it promotes elasticity of the skin.
  • JOJOBA OlL - the composition of jojoba oil closely resembles that of human sebum, produced by the sebaceous glands. This makes it easy to absorb and helps other oils to absorb easier also. It is extremely nourishing and soothing and ideal for sensitive skin.

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