Lori Kingsley: Divine Healing for Teens


DESCRIPTION: Teenagers have been asked to reinvent all they know about school, socializing, and the dynamics within their homes. These changes can slowly begin to block their normal flow. It is easy to feel anxious, lost, isolated, unfocused, and uninspired. COVID has thrown us all from our centres, and has hit teens especially hard. Our centre settles our emotions, helps us to feel empowered and inspired and connected to what and who we love. Without it we are easily influenced negatively by others and the world around us.

This beautiful healing tunes into their chakra & auric body systems as well as the physical body to assist in releasing where blocks & patterns have been formed. Allowing them to return back to their ease & light, feeling more grounded, safe, and motivated. It helps teens reconnect more deeply to their heart and their life force and therefore feel greater inner strength and inspiration. The session is full of affirmations, sounds, deep relaxation and a soothing ear. Since energy flows through all things, energy healings can be done remotely as well as some teens simply prefer the comfort of their own room.