Crystal Starter Set — Self Care


DESCRIPTION: We've collaborated with The Cristalline to create the perfect crystal starter set designed for self-care.

Whether you are new to all things crystals, or need a ready-made self care collection to keep at the office, home or to give as a gift, our kit is magical.

There are 7 crystals included in the kit:

HIMALAYAN SALT — For Body and Aura Cleansing. 

SELENITE — Energy Clearing, connecting to one's higher self

CLEAR QUARTZ — Clarity, amplification of intentions

CITRINE —Creativity, aids in manifestation

FLUORITE — Purification, helps in decision making

ROSE QUARTZ — Self love, emotional healing

BLACK TOURMALINE — Grounding, blocks negativity

To find all you need to know about how crystals help with  your self-care, how to use them, and look after them, The Cristalline has created your go-to guide.




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