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DESCRIPTION: Vegan friendly, for oily / problematic / combination skin. This amazing green serum is design to moisturize, soothe and hydrate oily and acne prone skin.
Many people with oily and acne prone skin, avoid oil serums and moisturizers thinking this will just add to their problem. This is not the case, in fact stripping your skin of its natural oils by over cleansing will only encourage your body to produce more oil to compensate. By using gentle plant based oils, you will give your skin the moisture it needs to balance your skin, making it healthier and clearer.

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  • ORGANIC JOJOBA OIL- the composition of jojoba oil closely resembles that of human sebum, produced by the sebaceous glands. Jojoba Oil is actually not an oil at all, but a wax ester. Because it is so similar to sebum, when used to treat acne, it tricks the skin into thinking that the amount of sebum produced is already high, therefore cutting off production of more sebum. This leads to skin becoming less oily and the clearing of acne. Jojoba also has wonderfully nourishing and soothing effects and can help to relieved inflamed redness caused by acne. It also has antibacterial properties to ward off the bacteria responsible for acne.
  • ORGANIC ROSE HIP OIL - this rejuvenating oil, is extremely high in Vitamin A, is non greasy and absorbs readily into the skin, while assisting with the healing of scars and accelerating tissue regeneration.
  • ORGANIC CAMELLIA OIL - this non greasy oil penetrates quickly into the skin to soothe and regenerate the skin. It contains fatty compounds to promote healing of wounds and acne scarring and is especially suited to facial use.
  • ORGANIC CARROT SEED OIL - known to assist in removing toxins and water build-up in the skin, giving it a fresher and firmer appearance and is one of the strongest revitalising oils.
  • ORGANIC NETTLE EXTRACT - a powerful astringent and anti oxidant to tighten pores and leave skin visibly firmer. It is especially suited to very oily and sensitive skin. 
  • BLUE CHAMOMILE - is effective in healing and soothing irritated problematic skin. It contains antioxidants to help fight acne and breakouts. It also smells amazing!
  • BLUE YARROW - has anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and astringent properties. It is well known for its healing ability and is ideal for treating inflamed skin caused by acne.
  • GRAPEFRUIT - a natural antiseptic and antioxidant. Grapefruit oil is wonderful detoxifier drawing impurities and toxins from the skin.

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