Autumn Equinox Candle


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DESCRIPTION: Autumn Equinox is one of Formulary's newest scents (and according to their formulator, Cordelia, her best work yet!) This collection is packaged with gorgeous black letterpressed accents and centered around the different seasons. Designed for the scent lover, this collection is more heavily perfumed than the standard collection. As always, our scents are a blend of phthalate free fragrance oils and essential oils. 11 oz black glass jar with icon (Beetle) etched into the side. These jars are designed to be reused.

SCENT PROFILE: Smoky, deep and earthy. Fleeting top lavender notes mix with middle and base notes of earthy amber, burnt tea leaves, lemon, orange, and cedarwood.

SIZE/DESCRIPTION: Our candles are made of the finest natural soy waxes and blended with essential oils and phthalate free perfumes to create beautiful scent combinations. Hand poured into reusable glass jars, each candle burns evenly and cleanly for over 80+ hours. (3.25" around 4" tall) To extend the burn life of your candles, it is very important to trim the wick after each burning session.

INGREDIENTS: Recyclable and derived from completely renewable resources, this candle is perfect for anyone concerned with their health and the environment.