1-Day VIP Reset


DESCRIPTION: Recharge any day of the week with Kroma’s 1-Day Reset. Designed to get your healthy habits back on track when you have limited time or just need a little boost. Perfect for travel and or resetting after the weekend. The 1-Day Reset includes a delicious variety of 10 highly functional and flavorful instant superfoods and beverages that require little to no prep, are shelf-stable (aka - no freezer or fridge required), and are all about nurturing your whole body and mind without an ounce of deprivation.

PRODUCTS INCLUDED: Ultimate Vitality superfood latte, Super Porridge, Cranberry Hydration Elixir, a Plant-Based Smoothie, 2 Bone Broths, Supergreens Elixir, Spicy Passion adaptogen latte. Bonus: 1 additional sachet - Beauty Matcha Latte


○ Set yourself up for long-term success ○ Support healthy habits and a lifestyle of wellness ○ Convenient + portable