FEBRUARY 16-22, 2019

We're thrilled to welcome back London-based esthetician, Joanne Evans, who will be in our Tribeca store from February 16 - 22.

Joanne’s philosophy is skin health and repair and she is regarded as one of the UK’s top facialists. 

With over 25 years experience in skin, medical and holistic therapies, Joanne has cemented herself as one of the most sought-after experts. As a skin expert, laser specialist and esthetician, Joanne has a wealth of knowledge in all things skin.

COST: $300

This is ideal for dry, dull skin with signs of aging including lines, wrinkles and loose skin.

We start with a three-stage cleanse, which is customized with active ingredients that are infused gently into the skin via a nourishing cream, oils and an enzyme mask.

Gentle steam will be applied to warm your skin to aid with extraction and Mila removal. A tougher skin check will be carried out with the deep clean.

You will have sound waves massaged over your face and neck via a probe to deeply penetrate the most active ingredients of vitamins into your skin. This helps to repair dull, pigmented, dehydrated skin. LED light therapy maximizes the efficacy of the treatment and will give visible glow-boosting results.

A specially designed massage will contour while releasing tensions and swelling to de-stress and drain your skin to give a fresh, renewed and defined look to the face. 

Your facial is finished with a specialized mask which will cocoon your face and neck to seal in vitamins and to finish the hydrating process while cooling and soothing. While this mask works its magic for 20 minutes, a deep neck, shoulder and scalp massage is carried out followed by a reflexology foot massage to give a total relaxation.

COST: $500

This is not just a facial, this is a total skin health check. It encapsulates the beauty and relaxation of a facial with the science and technology of a dermatologist.

Joanne will treat every pore and square inch of your skin. This customized treatment can achieve anything that your skin requires. Extractions, de-puffing, plumping, brightening, acne and scar healing, blemish reduction, rosacea treatments, lifting, softening of lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and sun-damage.

Along with the 3 stage cleanse, gentle peel and steam, are extractions, micro-needling with the skinPen, vitamin infusion using ultra-sound, infused mask, massage and reflexology foot massage.

One or more of the following procedures will be included depending on your skins needs: LED Light Therapy, Oxygen, and/or Micro-currents.

This ultimate facial incorporates all Joanne's specialized techniques for maximum skin repair and health giving visible and long-term results.

Suitable for all skin types and this can have some down-time if it includes a treatment using the SkinPen.

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