We're thrilled to welcome SUVARA ORGANIC AIRBRUSH TAN to our Sag Harbor garden every SATURDAY where you can experience the difference that is a Suvara Airbrush Tan.

Custom blended and applied by certified airbrush artists within a private tent in our Sag Harbor store's garden, this organic, anti-aging and antioxidant boosted formulation is blended to work with your natural coloring and your desired tanning goals. Unlike other solutions, you will leave our private garden with beautifully hydrated skin and that one of kind Suvara Glow!


Available every SATURDAY
DURATION: 45mins
COST: $120

The custom Suvara airbrush tan is a one-of-kind organic, airbrush tan custom
blended and applied by a Suvara certified airbrush artist who will work with you
to mix a perfect natural looking color that will meet your unique
tanning goals.

The expertly applied tan will gradually develop over 8-12 hours and
result in a beautiful, gradually fading tan for 8-11 days post tanning. You
will leave with your color choice reflected on your skin, due to the naturally and
organic tinted bronzer that ensures the color is as expected, while your sunless tan
develops underneath.

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Available every SATURDAY
DURATION: 45mins
COST: $140
For those on the run who need Suvara's gorgeous color but do not have the time to allow it to develop naturally.
Atya, the vitamin boosted Express airbrush was especially formulated to work with your skin tone to achieve your desired color at a more rapid pace. Perfect for those on the go or with a last minute event!

The rapid-developing formulation is for optimal sunless tanning results, in a
reduced volume of time. This unique formulation is for clients who are looking for the natural tan results always found via Suvara solutions but only have a fraction of the time to allow for the development of that perfect color Suvara is known for.
Still enriched with our anti-aging super serum, we recommend the rapid formula for those in need of a tan that can be washed off in as little at 2 to 4 hours.

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Available every SATURDAY
DURATION: 30mins
COST: $70
Give your skin a boost with Suvara Sanida, the all-natural skin nurturing spray that is also vitamin and antioxidant fortified to fight free radicals, signs of aging and skin damage.
Perfect as pre “make up” treatment, or for those seeking help with problem skin such as sunburn or scarring, Sanida will greatly reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, while leaving skin hydrated and glowing.
The Skin Rejuvenating Treatment is an all-natural vitamin fortified solution high in nono-vitamins and anti-oxidants to fight free radicals and skin damage leaving the skin hydrated and glowing. Reduces the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles and pore size. Fights environmental damage like sunburns, peeling, scaling and flaking.
Fades sunspots and reduces inflammation and redness for an even skin tone.
Improves skin brightness, radiance and luminosity. Simulates collagen production, improving skin elasticity, and promotes cellular regeneration. Perfect in combination with the Airbrush Tan.

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24-48 Hours Prior to Your Session
  • Please make sure to do any waxing at least 2 days before the tanning, as wax residue will block tanner absorption.
  • Shaving should be done 24 hours in advance of your session, otherwise the solution will not properly adhere.
  • Take a shower and exfoliate your entire body the night before or at least 4 hours prior to your session for optimal results, making sure to not use any oil based washes or exfoliants. We recommend a natural sponge, body brush or exfoliating glove.
  • Removing any dead cells and body oils will help the sunless tanner penetrate your skin and give you the best results.
  • Do not use deodorant after your last shower (the PH in them will turn green!!!!), nor makeup, perfume or moisturizers prior to the tanning. Lotions can act as a barrier & prevent the solution from contacting your skin.
  • You may receive your airbrush tan in the garment of your choice, and we will have disposable options for you, however please wear loose-fitting dark-colored clothing and flip-flops for after your airbrush tan because some of the bronzer can rub off on your clothing and shoes can cause your feet to perspire affecting the results. Our solution is water soluble and will eventually wash out.

  • Pat yourself dry with a towel, never rub the skin.
  • Try not to use any products containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, malic or lactic acids, as well as Retin-A and any skin bleaching products.
  • Do not use any toners and serums that contain alcohol or witch hazel.
  • Avoid facial scrubs, masks, strips and microdermabrasion for the first week.
  • Chlorine from a pool or Jacuzzi can cause your tan to fade faster
  • Resume waxing, depilatory hair removers, hair inhibiting lotions, and razors once your tan has begun to fade.
  • Plan on not getting wet for 6-8 hours while your tan is developing. This means no exercise and stay out of the rain!
  • Unless advised otherwise, wait 6-8 hours, although 12 hours is recommended for optimal results, after your airbursh tan application to shower. If you are getting sprayed in the evening, you may shower the next morning. You will see the cosmetic bronzer washing off the first time you shower, the color you are left with is your final result.
  • Do not moisturize after your first shower — wait until your second before moisturizing.
  • Once you have taken your first shower you can resume all regular activities
Special Note and Consideration for All, and One for Female Clients:
  • Remember, a spray tan does not protect your skin from sunburn, so always use sunscreen!
  • Though infrequent, a sunless tan may develop differently during various hormonal cycles (ovulation, menstruation, and even heightened stress), tans may develop lighter in color.
When you book a treatment with ONDA BEAUTY we will give you a call for your credit card details and hold your details on file just in case you cancel within 48 hours before your appointment, where we will charge you for 50% of the treatment you were booked in for, or, if you cancel within 24 hours we will charge you 100% of the treatment. If you need to cancel please email or call the location ahead of time.
We hope you understand why we need to do this, but mostly we hope you arrive on time for your treatment because our treatments will brighten your day, let alone your skin, spirit and soul!