We're thrilled to welcome Sadie, Tess and Sarah from Take Care NYC in residence in our Sag Harbor store from August 1- 9, 2018.

Take Care has created a deeply transformative, holistic facial protocol for the summer season at ONDA Sag Harbor.

Traveling from LA and NYC to Sag Harbor for the ONDA residence, Sadie, Tess and Sarah will work with great sensitivity, relevant to your needs, to bring clarity and balance to emotional and physiological conditions. 


Lift, tone and bring balance to your entire being during the Take Care take over!

Available AUGUST 1 - 9
DURATION: 75 mins
COST: $400
DURATION: 90 mins
COST: $475
DURATION: 105 mins
COST: $550
Take Care specializes in balancing TMJ Disorders, easing tension and supporting continued self-care.

We focus on vital junctures, where two or more tissues interface, keys to subtle sub-circulatory pathways that can immediately affect the body as a whole. There is an intelligence at these points, used as a diagnostic tool, giving the practitioner insights about you in terms of constitution and imbalance, plus they also work as adaptogens, stimulating the body’s biochemistry to produce exactly what the body needs, including neurochemicals and hormones that heal the body-mind and consciousness. 
The application of micro-current enhances reflexology and the holistic integration of the facial, further galvanizing marmas, nadis (sub-circulatory channels) and the meridians, activating the skin and bringing coherency to the various layers of tissues.
Micro-current brings forth fluid membrane balance, increases the energy available for sub-cellular structures and helps to organize and integrate the peripheral and central nervous systems.
Micro-current increases natural collagen and elastin and can also be used to tone and lift the muscles, including around the sensitive eye area.
After stimulating the face we soothe it with a beautiful, therapeutically aromatic tulsi clay mask made with triphala and turmeric. The Sonage Tulsi Soothing Mask supports cellular immune function, reduces inflammation and regulates oil production, making it the perfect summer mask, and a remedy for seasonal breakouts and acne flare-ups. 
This mask extracts toxins and impurities from the skin while delivering minerals and nutrients, making the skin bright and smooth.
We finish with ONDA-recommended products and Take Care formulations to ground and protect.

When you book a treatment with ONDA BEAUTY we will give you a call for your credit card details and hold your details on file just in case you cancel within 48 hours before your appointment, where we will charge you for 50% of the treatment you were booked in for, or, if you cancel within 24 hours we will charge you 100% of the treatment. If you need to cancel please email or call the location ahead of time.
We hope you understand why we need to do this, but mostly we hope you arrive on time for your treatment because our treatments will brighten your day, let alone your skin, spirit and soul!


Sadie Adams is the founder of Take Care Face & Body in New York City, Take Care Center for Body Mind Regeneration and The Ground Space for Meditation and Movement in Los Angeles. Her studies in anatomy at the school for Body-Mind Centering™ and in ayurveda and yoga therapy at the Ayurvedic Institute have led her to focus on regenerative therapies. Sadie has been sharing her insights on movement and consciousness over the last 20 years, calling on science, technology, ancient wisdom and intuitive awareness to support healing and increase human capacities. Her community of clients and practitioners greatly influence her work. She feels that conscious relating, sensitivity and presence are essential in the process of transformation and development.

Teresa (Tess) Adams
has been a creative in New York City's underground beauty scene for over a decade, heralded by industry influencers for her expertise in skin care. She is the heartbeat of our bi-coastal operation, traveling regularly between Los Angeles, New York City and the Hamptons. Her passion for wellness and esthetics complement her lighthearted presence, as well as her attentive, loving touch. Our clients happily call her a friend and an inspiration.

Sarah Clark is a Craniosacral Therapist and an internationally accredited Esthetician by way of the International Therapy Examination Council in London. She has also completed a 600 hour domestic training at Atelier Esthetique Intitute of Esthetics and the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy program with Roger Gilchrist. Her passion for health, beauty and education is generous in her work and make her an integral member of our community. Embodying the philosophies of Take Care has supported her connection with self and healing. Sarah’s authentic, caring and sensitive nature reflects in the richness of her relationships.

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