The health and well-being of our community remains our priority. We have implemented strict COVID-19 protocols in accordance with state, CDC and OSHA guidelines. Our practitioners adhere to strict hygiene, cleaning and disinfection practices and are required to complete a self-screening prior to every appointment. We leave ample time between appointments to completely disinfect and clean our treatment rooms and implements. Our practitioners will wear a face mask underneath a face shield while performing treatments.


All of our facials include exfoliation, extractions, a customized mask, facial massage and LED light treatment. Our talented therapists will recommend other modalities depending on the facial you choose, or the result you want. And of course, every treatment will end with a grounding meditation in the form of a head and shoulder massage or a hand or foot massage to ensure complete balance and relaxation.



ONDA SIGNATURE (Pregnancy safe)
60 min | $330

ULTIMATE LIFT: transform your skin
60 min | $370

PURITY + RADIANCE (Pregnancy safe) 
60 min | $240

60 min | $320

90 min | $480

30 min | $140 / 50 min | $190



Brightening peel facial with plumping oxygen infusion
60 MINUTES | $370

Your skin will be instantly brighter, more refined, and glowing with the use of natural multi-acid peel in this facial treatment. It activates collagen production and illuminates the skin with effective formulas that treat hyperpigmentation, and even out skin texture and tone. Ending with a nutrient-infused oxygen treatment in combination with LED light will soothe and restore skin, while the lifting face massage will improve elasticity, re-educates facial muscles, and improve circulation and lymph flow. 

Best For: Mature/oily to combination/breakout-prone skin
Expected Results: Tighter, brighter, and smoother complexion, plumping and glow. Stimulating collagen production


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Nourishing facial that plumps and rejuvenates the skin (Pregnancy Safe)
60 MINUTES | $330

Drawing from our full range of products, our estheticians create a bespoke protocol that delivers ideal nutrition to the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. In this facial, a stream of high-pressurized oxygen that has been infused with nutrient-rich botanical extracts is gently applied to the face and décolletage. A full regimen paired with manual and cupping massage offers dramatically lifted skin with long-lasting hydration. Oxygen and cupping in combination with LED light will soothe and restore skin that has been exposed to the elements, aid in lymphatic drainage, lift and sculpt. 

Best For: All skin types especially sensitive, rosacea-prone, acne-prone, dry skin. Pregnancy safe

Expected Results: Improved hydration, clarity, toning, plumping and glow

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Instant lift and skin tightening with Carbonique roller, microcurrent muscle stimulation and radiofrequency
60 MINUTES | $370

We paired clean, high-performance VENN skincare with the complexion-enhancing Carbonnique tool for this category-defining facial. Includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, and combination of VENN treatment products designed to address pigmentation and wrinkles.

Carbonnique’s cool ceramic massage heads will help loosen stored facial-tension while sculpting and tightening the skin. Holistic facial massage, acupressure techniques, and lymphatic drainage will speed up circulation and bring more oxygen to your skin tissue. Radiofrequency and muscle stimulation current will instantly lift facial muscles.

LED Light Therapy is applied to rejuvenate and balance the skin, and a supercharged mask with actives is used to lift, hydrate, and boost radiance visibly. This results-driven facial helps prevent fine lines and new wrinkle formation while tightening the skin and increasing collagen production to give you a youthful glow. The effect? Brighter, healthier skin that you’ll love!

Best For: All skin types, especially overworked or mature skin.
Expected Results: 
Clear, nourished skin. Tighter and smoother complexion, lifted and toned contour, stimulated collagen production and the healing process.

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Purifying Facial with Gua Sha (Pregnancy Safe)
60 MINUTES | $240

The combination of LED light therapy and concentrated serums customized to your skin’s needs will aid in strengthening the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving acne and preventing future breakouts.

Added benefit comes from the Gua Sha stone massage, which boosts lymphatic drainage, decreases puffiness, increases lift and contour of the face muscles.

Best For: All skin types
Expected Results: 
Clearer and more refined skin

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MARIE VERONIQUE: refresh, restore, renew

Regenerating Facial with Plasma Pen Treatment
60 MINUTES | $320
Marie Veronique has pioneered the way toward safe yet effective skincare that is science-backed, innovative and non-toxic. Achieving optimal skin health and healing real skin issues drives Marie to produce safe products that truly work. In combination with the Plasma Pen (Radiofrequency) this treatment brings results that last, whether you're combating aging, blemishes, sunspots, acne, wrinkles and fine lines, scars.

Best For: Mature/Oily to Combination/Breakout-prone skin
Expected Results: 
A tighter and smoother complexion, stimulating collagen production and the healing process to reveal new skin

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Unique combination of radiofrequency, microcurrent & oxygen to refine, lift and tone the skin. 
90 MINUTES | $480

The most effective non-invasive treatment for an instant lift. Every session of this highly specialized treatment triggers collagen and elastin production for immediately visible results and cumulative benefits over time.

The combination of the Radiofrequency Plasma Pen and microcurrent addresses major skin concerns like fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, pigmentation, acne, and scarring. And finally the Oxygen Treatment will plump the skin and give that healthy glow bringing forth clarity, while nourishing with vitamins and minerals. This facial is a safe alternative to IPL and Fraxel with no down time.

Best For: All skin types especially mature skin
Expected Results: 
A tighter and smoother complexion, lifted and toned contour, stimulating collagen production and the healing process.

Added benefits: Remove raised skin conditions & age spots. Improve the appearance of scars. Brighten dark circles. Lifts, tones and tightens skin, especially around the eyes, mouth, and chin. This facial can also works wonders for those fighting acne.

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HEALING TEEN FACIAL: beautiful, healthy skin starts here

30 MINUTES | $140
50 MINUTES | $190

Uncover the importance of good skincare habits at a young age with our teen facial, which is designed to specifically address breakouts that are frequently associated with adolescent skin.

Our healing teen facial begins with deep cleansing and gentle extractions.  A soothing mask and LED light work together to help reduce inflammation and redness while balancing the skin.  A combination of customized treatment serums are then applied to enhance the results of the facial. Our therapists will provide gentle and personal guidance for an effective at-home regime using our curated line of non-toxic skincare.

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    Radiofrequency EMS Treatment | $100

    Used to tone, tighten, lift, and plump while pushing nutrient dense serums deeper into the skin.

    Oxygen Treatment | $75

    Used to hydrate and boost skin’s elasticity and firmness while reducing fine lines and wrinkles

    Plasma Pen Treatment | $50-$125 (depending on treatment area)

    Used to treat raised skin conditions, age spots, scars, pigmentation and tighten skin


    VIKTORIA KROSHYN is an ITEC International Licensed Medical Esthetician and has developed a stellar reputation for herself as a wellness and beauty consultant in the Hamptons, Saint Barths, & NYC.  Having spent her early years in Ukraine, she learned that nature provides a cure for all.  Now she brings a passionate, holistic approach to the table. Master of Sports in Aerobics certification led to a deeper understanding of the body and a sensitivity to its needs. Viktoria combines that experience with her passion to health, beauty, and wellness to also offer healing massages at ONDA Beauty.

    CARA PELOSOworked as a model for years and struggled with skin issues, which started her journey towards healing the effects of travel and stress on her body. In the early 90s, her exploration began with a yoga practice and seasonal cleansing to improve and strengthen her systems. Regular facials were integral to the process and led her to esthetics. Licensed and practicing since 2000 from Atelier Esthetique in NYC, Cara trained in various massage modalities incorporating Gua Sha, drainage, and lifting massage coupled with Radio Frequency, EMS, oxygen, and LED to lift, energize, and brighten the complexion with an emphasis on relaxation. Take a restorative journey with Cara to harmonize mind and body.

    KRISTEN MAY LEE is a holistic esthetician with a repertoire of niche abilities aimed to sculpt and lift the face through a series of manual manipulations. Her holistic treatments will relieve stored tension in the muscles while simultaneously addressing the fascia tissue. Her practices work deep within resulting in beautiful radiant skin. Every treatment is addressed as a work of art complimented by an element of science. She has spent her career gaining an education in rare techniques taught by beauty gurus around the world. Her touch is a unique bliss many notables entrust their faces to for public appearances on TV and runways. Kristen provides a unique skillset that consists of advanced Gua Sha artistry and cupping techniques, intra-oral buccal massage, and The Connective Tissue Method. She aims to make every experience both healing and beautifying allowing every client to re-emerge as the best version of themselves.


    If you cancel less than 24 hours before your treatment, you will be charged 100% of the cost of your booking, plus relevant sales tax. For no-shows, we charge the full cost of the appointment, plus sales tax. If you need to cancel at any time, please call the location ahead of time. We look forward to seeing you at ONDA.