ONDA x Every Mother Counts

At ONDA, we believe in women supporting women, always. So in honor of Mother's Day and in celebration and support of mothers around the globe, we are donating 5% of our ONDA Mama Gift Box sales to Every Mother Counts. This incredible organization helps provide proper maternity care for women globally, so that pregnancy and childbirth are safe for every woman everywhere. 


We are passionate about the mission behind Every Mother Counts, and we want to contribute to helping give all mothers the opportunity to survive their pregnancies and childbirth experiences, as well as thrive as new mothers in a world replete of challenges. Having faced a potentially life threatening labor myself, I know how much proper care, or the lack thereof, makes for entirely different outcomes.  

xo, Larissa

This Mother's Day, please help us raise awareness for Every Mother Counts, an organization so near and dear to our hearts so that women no longer have to worry about the health and safety of themselves or their children in what should be, the most life-changing and beautiful experience all expectant mothers hope it to be.

To learn more, please go to https://everymothercounts.org/.


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