Luxury Beauty Serum 30ml

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DESCRIPTION: 500MG full spectrum CBD botanical face serum.

Glow uninhibited, inside and out. Saint Jane's Luxury Beauty Serum infuses organic botanicals with full spectrum CBD to create an alchemy of calm.

Saint Jane has crafted its sacred elixir with clean, organic, 100% pure, natural ingredients to help visibly balance, brighten, soothe and improve skin’s inherent radiance. Skin blissfully absorbs the silky, omega-rich serum delivering wellness benefits as it deeply penetrates.

Made in California. Evaluated 4x (triple the industry standard) for integrity of our sustainably-sourced ingredients. Cruelty-Free. Vegan.


1 Calendula | Nurturing  

02 Cannabidiol (CBD) | Glow-enhancing

03 Frankincense | Regenerating

04 Geranium Flower | Tightening

05 Grape Seed Oil | Enriching

06 Helichrysum | Soothing

07 Myrrh | Clarifying

08 Palmarosa Leaf | Balancing

09  Pomegranate Oil | Quenching

10 Raw Coconut Oil | Softening

11 Rhatany Root | Purifying

12 Rose Flower | Age-Defying

13 Rosehip Seed | Awakening

14 Rosemary Leaf | Detoxifying

15 Sandalwood| Brightening

16 Sea Buckthorn | Resurfacing

17 Shea Nut Butter | Moisturizing

18 Spikenard Root | Relaxing

19 Sunflower | Calming


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