Shea Butter Bath Bar


DESCRIPTION: Superfatted to be extra moisturizing and skin softening, these shea butter bath bars are long lasting and luxurious. Each 6 oz. bar is packaged in Formulary 55's signature botanical and vintage illustrations.

  • ALOE LEAF & MINT: The most invigorating, zesty, "clean" scent made by blending fresh aloe leaf with cooling mint and add a touch of black pepper. This scent works well as a morning pick-me-up.
  • SEA SALT & LAVENDAR: Like fresh sea air! This perfumed soap combines crisp clean sea spray with the soothing essential oil of lavender. 
  • FIG LEAF:   A tart bite of Cranberries and the sweet, mild allure of Fig. Cranberries and Figs are made even more striking by adding a smattering of Blood Orange and Pink Grapefruit notes to the mix.
  • AGAVE & TEAKWOOD: A blend of seamoss, bark, cedar, teakwood, agave, aloe, and sweet melon. Inspired by a glorious stay of swimming, sunning, and spa treatments at The Four Seasons in Santa Fe.
  • FERN & MOSS:  A mix of herbaceous leaves, woods, amber, earth, and violets. Inspired by Manitou Cactus, up in Manitou Springs, this blend smells just like the inside of a greenhouse.
  • HONEYCOMB & NEROLI: A refreshing  blend that combines the warmth and soothing element of honey with fresh and slightly sweet neroli. One of the more complex scents, this soap combines the best off many fragrance is fresh, floral, warm, sensual, and delicate all at the same time.

INGREDIENTS: These handcrafted soaps are made in small batches of saponifed oils of coconut, RSPO-certified palm, and shea butter. Scented with Formulary 55's own proprietary blend of phthalate free fragrance oils and essential oils. All of Formulary 55 products are made in the USA, vegan, certified cruelty-free, SLS-free, and paraben free