Why Natural Beauty is the Best Choice

Why Natural Beauty is the Best Choice

Two years ago, when I left my 23-year-career as a fashion market director for magazines such as Instyle and Glamor, I began exploring the world of natural beauty, in part because something was missing from my NYC life, something authentic, pure and simple. I started meditating, taking better care of myself inside and out, and trusting that the universe was looking out for me. But at the core, and what I now can't go without, are my daily natural beauty rituals, their ingredients feed my skin and their scents nourish my spirit and my soul.

At first blogs and websites helped as I began educating myself about natural ingredients that actually worked, as well as products that make a difference, and, step-by-step, I swapped my long-standing beauty rituals for natural ones. Concerned about the efficacy of natural beauty, as well as the safety aspects of using natural products, I turned to the FDA for peace of mind, but found none because it only has partial regulations in place for 11 toxic ingredients while the EU has banned over 1300 toxic ingredients. I was shocked. 

I began to learn more than just facts about natural beauty as I sketched out what a career in the wellness space could look like for me, I started learning lessons, about both myself and the products and rituals I was exploring. I realized with every day that passed, as I talked to people and learnt something new, it all added up to the dream I'd held about what I could create within the natural beauty market. 

It's important to me to know what I’m talking about, of course, and I want to be the one who has tried every product, understands the labels and figures out how I feel about each product before I can talk to or help others with what they need. 

My mission is to create a space where women can come, easily access luxurious, high-end natural beauty products in a warm, inviting, helpful environment where everything is waiting for you. 

We're starting with this site, where we curate the best natural beauty products, all of which you can trust to be both safe to use and that they will work! We've created four starter kits to make it easy for you to swap to natural beauty, as well as try new prouducts: we have a full-face kit, mini-face kit, winter glow and body-care kit

We are also working on launching ONDA's own line of natural beauty products. This we're very excited about.

What we feed our bodies, both inside and outside, along with growing illness and disease in this country, means access to natural beauty is more important than ever. ONDA's focus is to provide you with a trusted resource, and products that are not only non-toxic, but botanically-driven, hand-batched, sustainably-sourced and under-pinned with honesty and integrity.

My mind and body responded so positively to introducing natural beauty to my life. I value the time I spend on self-care, and the rituals that come with that, including recognizing the meaning and importance of creating time for yourself, to nourish yourself, in ways that bring out the best you, all of which flow on to those you love. You may know this as the oxygen-mask theory — you can't look after others until you first look after yourself.

Equally important to all this is balance. One of the most important lessons I've learnt over these past two years is balance, so if that means you have a favorite product that you can't imagine giving up, don’t, for now. Every step is a step in the right direction. Switching to natural shouldn’t feel like you are giving up something, rather that you are gaining something better. And if you’re already there, we hope ONDA introduces you to lots of new products and brands to experience. We have a particular focus on Australian natural beauty products because not only is ONDA's co-founder, Sarah Bryden-Brown, Australian, Australian ingredients are freshly unique and so, so good.

I've come to learn that nature offers everything we need. It's a matter of choosing the right product that works for you, and of course scent is key to this. We've tested a lot, learnt a lot, and this journey is not over, it never will be. 

We have created ONDA to make shopping natural beauty safe, easy and fun for you. We hope you love it as much as we have loved creating it for you. If there is anything you need or questions we haven't answered, please let us know — hello@ondabeauty.com.

Larissa xx

Larissa Thomson

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