Why Everyone Needs a Toner

Why Everyone Needs a Toner

Ok, we need to talk. I have had so many women say to me, "Oh I don’t really use or need a toner, I mean what does it do any way??"

I am here to tell you what it does and that it is the most over looked and underestimated step in your beauty routine. It’s a misunderstood product, and one I would never skip. If you think we're talking about what we used as kids (who remembers Sea Breeze?), you're mistaken. Toners have come a long way and are a delivery system for many nourishing and beneficial ingredients that your skin just shouldn't miss out on. I use one every day between steps and I can tell you, yes, I have noticed a difference: cleaner, clearer, more hydrated skin. In the warmer months, I even keep one in my bag wherever I go. Here's what they do and why you should use one. 

  • It helps to prevent and heal break-outs; ridding your skin of unwanted bacteria.
  • Especially if you have larger pores that tend to become congested this is a necessary step. Toners can help to not only clean out your pores but close and tighten them as well preventing and reducing impurities from getting back in.
  • Toners help to balance the natural PH level of your skin.
  • Our skin is naturally acidic and many things can disturb its proper balance, including cleansing at times, a toner helps to restore balance so your skin doesn’t have to work overtime to do it. Some toners are anti-inflammatory so will calm, sooth and reduce redness and puffiness. Most contain humectants that work to add more hydration, which just about all of us can use.
  • Depending on the unique recipe of each toner, a good one will supply your skin with needed minerals that nourish, restore hylauronic acid, which our skin produces naturally but diminishes with age, so we’re talking serious anti-aging properties helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Help produce collagen, accelerate cell turnover, and protect your skins natural barrier.
  • Help prepare your skin to absorb your following steps more effectively.
  • If you’re using a serum or face oil this step will help insure that your skin is absorbing it on the deepest and most effective level.

So look for a toner that addresses your specific needs, and make sure it’s natural.

We have a selection of great ones to offer, ranging from light active through to heavy active. 'Active' simply refers to the ingredients list, and whether the ingredients have an effect on your skin. Light active includes more gentle ingredients and suits younger skin, while medium to heavy active is best suited to prevent anti-aging and combat signs of aging.



One Love Organics Vitamin D Moisture Mist:  helps to eliminate environmental stressors and delivers long lasting hydration through vitamin E.

Scent: Very little scent. 


Odacite’s Rose + Neroli Hydra-vitalizing Treatment Mist is great for moisturizing, balancing and pore cleansing

Scent: Beautiful! Light on the rose and heavier on the neroli (which is orange blossom)

Little Alchemist Kyella Rose Antioxidant Hydrate Mist: soothes irritated skin, purifies and cleanses, brightens, delivers important vitamins and minerals, firms

Scent: Australian native botanicals 


Marie Veronique Pre+Probiotic Daily Mist: encourages the skin’s helpful microorganisms to thrive, calms and soothes, delivers probiotics just as important to your skin as your internal system.

Scent: light and fresh

Hannes Dottir Mineral Mist: promotes collagen and elasticity, minimizes the appearance of pores, encourages cell turn over and regeneration decreasing fine lines, calms skin to reduce any redness.

Scent: Spearmint, minty fresh 

Dr Alkaitis Organic Herbal Toner: refines pores, evens skin tone, balances and strengthens your skin, deeply hydrates. Great for problem skin, breakouts, and keeping your pores clear.

Scent: Herbal and fresh

Don’t go hating on your toner, think of it as your hero that has been waiting for you to recognize all the magic it has to offer. 

Larissa Thomson

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